What is the Calvin incident? 30 meter long unidentified object appears over Britain, unlike modern aircraft!

Since the beginning of the last century, the news of UFOs has been widely spread. They have appeared in the sky of many countries, but there is no clear answer to prove their identity. This year, NASA of the United States also released videos of UFOs. Of course, with our technological level, there is no way to judge their origins. In fact, there were many UFO incidents in history, most of which were disc-shaped and cigar shaped. There was a Calvin incident in Britain, and UFO photos were taken. What’s the matter?


“Calvin incident”


It was in 1990 that a UFO appeared over Scotland in the United Kingdom. At that time, a witness took this color picture, but this matter was not disclosed to the world. It was only this year that the former official of the British Ministry of Defense announced this news to the world. In fact, in a lot of UFO news, these UFOs are not alien at all, and most of the spaceships are forged by human beings. However, these photos released by Britain are real, and the UFOs in the photos are not man-made products. Therefore, after he disclosed this news, he attracted the attention of the whole world.


Shape of UFO


From the photos, we can see that the UFO in the sky is very different from the plane. It has no fuselage and wings, no tail and engine. According to scientists’ calculations of the photos, the diameter of the UFO is about 30 meters, which is the most famous Calvin incident in British history. At that time, the witnesses took six photos. After these photos were taken, the UFO accelerated vertically at the fastest speed and disappeared into the air.


Many people always have different ideas when they see the news about UFOs. Scientists think that most UFOs are actually caused by natural phenomena. It is possible that the unstable weather over that time caused this illusion. Of course, most of the UFOs are UAVs made by human beings. Our technology level is already very high. It is not difficult to make a UAV similar to an alien spaceship.


In fact, when we saw UFOs, many countries tried to intercept them, but in the face of their extremely fast speed, it was really impossible. Just like the Calvin incident in Britain, there were people trying to track UFOs at that time, but they were stopped.


Human beings are still very persistent in the exploration of extraterrestrial life. There are still many people who firmly believe that aliens exist and have come to the earth. But just like the videos and photos we’ve taken, the blurry quality doesn’t prove their true identity. Do you think that this huge object over Britain is controlled by aliens?

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