What is the cause of the “pink” snow in Italy?

What is the cause of the “pink” snow in Italy?


In recent years, great changes in the earth’s environment caught people off guard, seriously affecting the survival of mankind. In particular, global warming has triggered a series of chain reactions, such as the melting of glaciers, the rise of sea level and so on. Many coastal areas have been inundated by global warming, leaving countless residents homeless and some even dead. It’s very unpleasant for scientists to see so many problems on the earth. Since entering 2020, all kinds of disasters are coming one after another. How can people not worry about this?


The disasters of the earth in this period of time


I can still remember that the mountain fires in Australia have been burning for half a year, and the locust plague in the Middle East has led to no harvest. The residents have to worry about food and clothing every day. No one wants to see such a phenomenon. To put it bluntly, this is the punishment of the earth for human beings. It’s not only global warming, but also marine garbage detected by many offshore equipment, which are all non degradable particles. After long-term wandering in the ocean and being absorbed by marine organisms, it will not only threaten life, but also form an endless vicious circle, which will never disappear. What is the cause of the “pink” snow in Italy?


Pink snow in Italy


Seeing the current situation of the earth, everyone is sweating for it. On July 5, according to foreign media reports, an unprecedented scene appeared in the presena glacier area in northern Italy, that is, pink snow. It is said that its formation is due to the growth of algae when the snow melts, which makes the color change. Many algae multiply rapidly in this environment and absorb radiation, thus speeding up the melting speed of the snow. This vicious circle has sounded an alarm for human beings. Of course, this is only the current guess of human beings.


Scientists are investigating the causes of this phenomenon, and many people believe that these are caused by melting glaciers. After years of melting, no one knows what is frozen inside. Scientists have discovered ancient viruses. Once released, these ancient viruses will not only bring more diseases, but also affect the environment. Seeing this pink snow, many people feel like watching a disaster movie.


In a certain sense, we can feel that the earth is not healthy, and even some people think it is the blood of animals that makes this piece turn pink. No matter what kind of speculation, this kind of pink snow is particularly exciting, and environmental protection is imminent. Although this is a rare sight, people do not want this phenomenon to happen again. It has gone against common sense. Global warming is a very serious problem, the earth has become unbearable. Everyone should start from himself and solve the problem from the root.


Since that mountain fire in Australia, the earth has been in disaster mode. Although many of them are natural disasters, they are closely related to human behavior. Sometimes inadvertent behavior will cause great load to the earth. If you don’t want to see this anomaly again, you should appeal to everyone to protect the earth’s environment. All this is terrible. What do you think of the pink snow in Italy? You can leave a message for interaction.

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