What is the concept of 13 trillion times the speed of light? It’ll take flash one second to cross the Galaxy!

How fast is light? If you say that its speed is 300000 kilometers per second, you may not be able to intuitively feel how fast it is. In Einstein’s theory, the speed of light is a constant quantity, any object can not move faster than the speed of light, can only infinitely close to the speed of light.


In the real world, only objects without static mass can move at the speed of light, while human beings can’t feel the speed of light without static mass or at the speed of flight. Therefore, people have a strong curiosity about how fast the speed of light is. However, someone has proposed 13 trillion times the speed of light. What’s the concept?

What is the concept of 13 trillion times the speed of light


In DC Comics, Barry Allen, the lightning man, once left a whole city in the moment of explosion. According to netizens’ research and calculation, his fastest speed has reached 13 trillion times the speed of light. Just imagine, the speed of light has been amazing, 13 trillion times the speed of light is beyond our cognitive range.


This can be called the divine speed force. Although there is no so-called maximum speed of 13 trillion times the speed of light in nature, suppose there is one in reality, and the diameter of the universe is about 3784200 billion kilometers, and the speed of 13 trillion times the speed of light is about 39 billion kilometers per second, so it can reach almost 00097 seconds from one end of the universe to the other. It also means that Blitzkrieg Barry can easily cross the galaxy in a second, or even come back.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of light is an insurmountable speed in nature. So, beyond the speed of light, it also means that you can travel freely through time and space.


Is there anything that can go faster than light


Since Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, modern physics has been limited by the speed of light, but there are still countless people who want to study matter that can exceed the speed of light.

CERN announced in 2011 that it had discovered neutrinos, which are 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light (a nanosecond is a billionth of a second).


This event caused a sensation in the global academic circles, because if it is true, it means that the theory of relativity will be subverted, and the modern physics system will be completely destroyed.


But in 2012, after many inspections and corrections, it was confirmed that this speed was caused by the error of the cable. In fact, it did not exceed the speed of light.

Will Einstein’s theory of relativity be overturned


In today’s world, there is a generally accepted fact that once the speed of matter exceeds the speed of light, the theory of relativity will be completely overturned. That is to say, the concept of space-time, the theory of gravity and so on will be overturned.


Today, space and time may shuttle freely, gravity may no longer work, and the quantum mechanics bred by relativity may also be overturned. That is to say, all physical movements, whether in the macro world or in the micro world, will become completely different.

It’s hard for Xiaobian to imagine what this would be like.

However, whether the crossing can be realized or not is a theoretical study, but in fact, only when the speed of human flight really reaches or exceeds the speed of light can the current theory be proved to be correct, otherwise it will be empty talk.

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