What is the concept of minus 200 ℃? NBA players enter the ice bucket of minus 200 ℃ without frostbite!

Athletes in the field of hard work, win glory for the country, has become the number of people in the mind of the model. It’s not easy to be a professional athlete. We not only have to bear the rigorous training day and night, but also have all kinds of collisions and frictions leading to injuries. People who often watch basketball games may notice that when players finish the game, they will enter the freezing bucket of more than – 200 degrees below zero, but they will not be frostbitten. Why?


new type





No matter what kind of athletes, their golden age is very limited. They must maintain a good physical function in a limited time. Athletes in the high-intensity competition, to restore the body function supplement, the way they choose is certainly different from ordinary people. With the development of science and technology, some new treatment methods also appear, such as liquid nitrogen treatment, which is often used by NBA players. When the athletes finish the game, in order to quickly recover their body function, they will enter the freezing temperature of more than – 200 degrees below zero. Ordinary people can’t bear such temperature at all. Are athletes really different from ordinary people?

Liquid nitrogen therapy


The principle of


Although the temperature has really reached more than minus 200 degrees, it is not ice, but liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen content in the air has reached 90%, and it also plays an important role in industrial production. Generally speaking, the temperature of liquid nitrogen can reach minus 190 degrees. It is precisely because of this characteristic that it can quickly cool and become the main component of the freezer, and the liquid nitrogen treatment of athletes is based on this principle.

When we sprain our feet in life, we will choose ice. The principle of liquid nitrogen therapy is very similar to that of ice compress. When athletes enter the liquid nitrogen barrel, liquid nitrogen can make their blood vessels contract rapidly, increase their metabolism speed, and avoid inflammation. At this temperature, muscle fibers can be rapidly strengthened, and the body can be restored to the pre competition level in a very short time.


Although the athletes enter the liquid nitrogen barrel, they will not have direct contact with liquid nitrogen. After the athletes enter the liquid nitrogen tank, the temperature of the liquid nitrogen tank reaches more than minus 100 degrees, and the athlete’s body emits heat. At this time, the liquid nitrogen will quickly vaporize, forming a vapor layer, isolating the athlete’s body language, etc., so they will not be injured in this case. There are strict regulations on the time for athletes to receive liquid nitrogen treatment.


Cost of liquid nitrogen treatment

This kind of treatment can quickly restore athletes’ physical strength in a short time, but the cost is also very expensive. James used to have liquid nitrogen treatment, which cost $55 in just three minutes. In addition to liquid nitrogen therapy, there are many new treatments for athletes. What else do you know?

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