What is the essence of time? Einstein had already seen through the truth, but no one believed it

Time flies, the moon flies, since ancient times, people have been measuring and comparing the existence of time. But time is an invisible thing. How can man be sure of its existence? It is for this reason that more and more scientists in modern times are more and more confused about the concept of time. There are even some scientists who think that time is something that doesn’t exist from the beginning. It’s just a cognitive illusion.


What we call “the beginning” refers to the moment when the universe was just born. The universe was born in a big explosion 13.8 billion years ago, and matter, time and space were born after the big explosion. Matter and space are things that human beings can touch and see. Only time is nothingness among them. What form does time exist in?

However, many people will disagree with the view that time and space are both human illusions. But in fact, there is such a saying in the scientific community that time and space exist as abstract concepts, and even Einstein agreed with it.


We live in a three-dimensional world. Time and space are the same as a coordinate axis. Even if we can’t touch them, they really make people feel the development of everything and the flow of life.


Newton and Einstein had their own views. In ancient times, the ancients used the alternate day and night of the sun and the moon, the projection of objects on the ground, and the hourglass to measure time. But in Einstein’s theory of relativity, time is not absolute, but relative, just as people flying at high speed and people flying on the earth feel time differently.

If a man stays in a spaceship at the speed of light for an hour, he may have been on earth for decades. But people who fly at the speed of light don’t feel it at all. This is because the time of people sitting in the speed of light spacecraft slows down. According to Einstein’s theory, everything is relative, time is no exception, all moments are equal, so time does not exist in the past, present and future.


In Newtonian mechanics, time plays the role of “gear”. Time is used to measure the speed and acceleration. However, for the passage of time, this statement is still people’s subjective consciousness. In real life, time is like an arrow, which provides us with the general direction of the development of things, that is, the future we understand. But in later physical experiments, people also proved that whether time is running from the positive or reverse direction, it is applicable to Newton’s law of motion. This also provides some support for Einstein’s theory of relativity.


So what is the relationship between time and what people hold? Scientists have given two explanations. One is that time, like air, is indispensable to human beings. Therefore, it is impossible for human beings to leave time, but time can leave human beings. Without human beings, there is no influence. The second explanation is that time only exists in human consciousness, which means that without the carrier of consciousness, time no longer exists and no longer has any meaning.

Maybe one day in the future, human beings can use their own technology to explore the secret of time. If human beings can really surpass the speed of light, and give a reasonable explanation of whether time is an illusion. Guys, what do you think of the idea that time is an illusion? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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