What is the experience of looking at Jupiter from the earth? “Jupiter phobia” deep experience!

What is the experience of looking at Jupiter from the earth? “Jupiter phobia” deep experience!


To broaden the solar system, the earth is only a very small star in many stars, no matter in volume or mass, far less than Jupiter. Nevertheless, the earth is still the only home for many creatures. The main reason is that its environment is too good, with atmosphere, sunlight, water and so on. These rich resources provide favorable conditions for the birth of life. Compared with Jupiter, Jupiter does not have such a good environment.


It is the largest and fastest rotating star among the eight planets. Although its environment is not as good as that of the earth, it has strong gravity, which blocks many disasters for the earth. It belongs to a giant gaseous planet. Even if the other seven planets add up, they are 2.5 times bigger than them. There is a lot of gold in them, accounting for three-quarters of the total. What is the experience of looking at Jupiter from the earth? “Jupiter phobia” deep experience!


Advantages and disadvantages of Jupiter


Some experts have studied Jupiter and found that its environment is not suitable for the birth of life, and the content of oxygen is extremely low. It is possible that Jupiter has been uninhabited. Despite its large size, rotation speed is quite fast, known as “flexible fat.”. Many people must have seen wandering earth. There is a plot in this movie, which tells us that human beings use Jupiter’s gas to ignite it directly, so as to realize the rebirth of the earth. Although this method is good, it sacrifices Jupiter. Jupiter is extremely great, and uses its powerful force to deviate some planets from their orbits, so as to avoid a direct collision with the earth. If it is not for Jupiter’s protection Perhaps the earth has already experienced countless storms.


The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago was probably caused by the impact of an asteroid. If Jupiter had intercepted at that time, it might not have found such a tragedy. No matter how huge Jupiter is and how fast it rotates, there is a phenomenon in life called Jupiter phobia. What is it? When people look directly at Jupiter, there will be a huge sense of oppression, which is not a person’s unique feeling, almost everyone has had this feeling.


The reason why humans fear Jupiter


To put it simply, since the evolution of human beings, they have always been uneasy about things that they can’t understand. In fact, this is to make people avoid some meaningless curiosity, which will hurt human beings. There’s a huge cyclone on Jupiter. It’s very obvious that it’s quite terrible. Using common sense to judge instinctively will cause uneasiness. It’s a natural ability to avoid danger completely. Take giant monsters and giants for example, they can threaten the survival of human beings, so does Jupiter.


It has a huge body, has joined the ranks of human fear, although it has beautiful patterns, but it is full of too many unknowns, human can only flinch, the terrible internal environment people can not imagine. The volume is disproportionately large, which can make people feel creepy. How oppressive it would be if such a giant appeared on the earth. Only by overcoming this fear can Jupiter become beautiful. What’s your understanding of Jupiter’s fear? You can leave a message for interaction.

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