What is the “face of God” photographed by scientists 75 million light-years away from the earth?

God is the God of creating the world believed by Christianity and Judaism in the western world. He is the creator of the universe and has the supreme status. God created the universe, which is deism in the western world; God is the universe itself, which is pantheism in the western world. In the west, everything is created by God, while in China, it is said that Pangu created heaven and earth, and Nuwa created man. Different cultural beliefs are different, respect their own culture, do not argue. But no matter God or Nu Wa, at present, our science can’t confirm its real existence, it’s just some popular saying. We can choose to believe and understand these legends, but ultimately we should believe in science. There are many things in the universe that science can’t give accurate conclusions, but with the development of technology, we will explore more things, and science will also give explanations.

Now scientists have found a thought-provoking picture, which is very similar to the description of God’s appearance. Is this a self portrait of God to show us that God exists? It actually comes from a distant galaxy 75 million light-years away


–NGC 1316, a galaxy that scientists “communicate” with through powerful radio waves. It is not difficult to see that this is also very similar to the scene of a huge explosion accident. In fact, this is an elliptical galaxy and a spiral galaxy collision friction, resulting in a lot of dust and the distribution of a large number of star clusters. Scientists are very interested in this and have conducted in-depth research. With the deepening of Galaxy exploration, spiral galaxies are left with complicated dust lanes and strange structures like spots. This series of

The findings seem to tell us that the spiral galaxy has been swallowed! What a terrible accident that happened a billion years ago.

Each globular cluster is an irrefutable evidence of the collapse and disintegration of the star system. In addition, a small number of star clusters in galaxies have been found, although their mass is very low, compared with the number outside the galaxy is significantly reduced, which is no different from the previous theory.


Similar to the face of God is the eye of God

The NGC 1086 spiral nebula is also 60 million light-years away from us, and its brightness is very high. This nebula is different from the collision of God’s face. It is a shell formed by the gas and dust blown by a dim star in the center of Aquarius. The core remains of the star are destined to be white dwarfs. The radiation emitted has high energy, making the previously emitted cloud glow.


These unsolved mysteries in the universe, scientists are still struggling to carry out more in-depth research, in the future one day, these mysteries will be explained.

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