What is the future of mankind? When scientists do experiments with mice, the results may explain everything!

It took only a few hundred years for human beings to become intelligent creatures on the earth and create brilliant scientific and technological wealth. Many people are also curious about the future of mankind. According to the current development situation, what is the future of mankind? In fact, scientists have also done research on the future of human beings. They have also selected mice for experiments, and the experimental results indicate the future of human beings.


Mouse experiment


This was an experiment by a scientist named John Calhoun in 1968. At that time, it chose eight healthy mice, four female mice and four male mice as the research objects. In order to make the experimental results more convincing, scientists have also created a perfect habitat for them, which can be called “mouse Utopia”. This habitat is completely isolated from the outside world. It is a 2.7-meter-long and 1.4-meter-high enclosed space. In this space, it is divided into 16 areas. Each area has sufficient food and water, as well as nests for rest. In addition to these, scientists have also kept the temperature of the space within an appropriate range. It can be said that this habitat meets all the material conditions for biological growth. If we look at this situation, 3840 mice can survive in this space. Is this really the case?


Why are mice extinct?


At the beginning, scientists estimated that these eight mice were enough to breed 2200 mice in such an environment. The idea was very good, but the experimental results surprised them. These mice were on the road of extinction after 1786 days. The result of this experiment has aroused people’s curiosity, and even some people think it is a dark experiment. So what is the process of the experiment? In fact, this experiment can be divided into four periods. The first period is the adaptation period of mice.


At the beginning, the eight mice were panicked when they entered the closed space, but it took them only 104 days to adapt to the strange environment. During this period, the mice also had fights, and they began to breed after they determined their habitat. This is the second period. The number of mice begins to increase rapidly. In less than two months, their number will double. At this time, scientists found an obvious phenomenon, and there was a hierarchical order among the groups of rats. The higher the level, the more energy the rats got and the more offspring they produced. Originally, they thought this was a thriving phenomenon, but before long, the group of rats entered the next period.


It turns out that the high-level mice occupy favorable resources. They constantly crowd out the weak mice. These weak mice lose their food sources and have no way to fight with the strong mice, so they also close themselves up. At this time, there seems to be something wrong with the reproductive capacity of mice, the number of the whole mice seems to have stagnated, and the birth rate is getting lower and lower, But the death rate is getting higher and higher. Finally, the number of mice grew to 2200. At this time, the mice began to die, and the experiment ended.


The future of mankind?


By the end of the day, all the mice had become problem mice. They only think about their food, drink and sleep every day, and have no plans. When the last male rat dies, the group of rats is also declared dead. This experiment has been carried out for a total of 1780 days, and the results are very shocking. Many people think that this mouse experiment actually predicts the future of human beings.


Although there are innumerable stars in the universe, in a way, the earth is also a space isolated from the outer space. With the development of science and technology, human life will become more intelligent in the future. Maybe one day, human beings will be able to enter the utopian world. By that time, the level of human science and technology has reached its peak, and it seems that human beings have lost their motivation to move forward. They only need to think about their daily life. If human beings do not go to the next planet and live in a strange environment again, then human civilization will face stagnation. What do you think?

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