What is the gap between the three body civilization and human beings? After seeing the power, scientists can’t sit still!

With only one drop of water, the trimaran civilization can “destroy” 2000 warships, and its power is irresistible!


In Liu Cixin’s three body novel, he expounds his unique views on the universe. In a sense, human civilization is not worth mentioning. In this novel, it implies the gap between human civilization and the three body civilization. Human power is not enough to compete with the three body civilization. The three body civilization can easily destroy human beings without any effort. In response to this view, there are different opinions, and everyone has their own different ideas.


Three different levels of civilization in the universe


Under this premise, astronomers also divide the universe into three levels, and the gap between each level is quite large. So what are the differences? The first is the lower civilization in the universe, that is, the so-called human beings. Human beings can only survive with the resources on the earth. If they want to transport the resources of other planets, they will face great challenges. With the current strength of human beings, they are just like ants, and they don’t have much effect. The second is the secondary civilization of the universe, which can use the resources of other stars, and can run freely in the solar system. It is much more powerful than the lower civilization. With only one drop of water, the trimaran civilization can “destroy” 2000 warships, and its power is irresistible!


The third is the three-level civilization of the universe. It can make use of all the resources in the solar system, which can be called king like existence. It can not only control time and space, but also use all the resources wantonly. It has to be said that these three levels of civilization are very different. According to the current ability of human beings, maybe even the lowest civilization can’t be counted. After all, many resources on the earth can’t be used by human beings, only reaching the level of 0.7. In the novel three bodies, it points out that even if human beings have reached the primary civilization, they may not be able to beat the three body civilization. They are the highest civilization in the universe, and they can control everything in the universe at will Turn, the difference is not just a level.


It is said that with just one drop of water, the three body civilization can destroy more than 2000 warships that mankind has painstakingly built. There is no room for resistance at all, which is enough to witness the strength of the three body civilization. This kind of water drop is not the water drop in life. It has extraordinary power. Ordinary materials can’t make this kind of water drop. Their surface temperature can reach 10 million degrees centigrade. Any object that touches it will fly away quickly. This kind of object is fully capable of destroying the high technology created by human beings.


The gap between three body civilization and human civilization


From the book “three bodies”, we realize the gap between human civilization and three body civilization, which is the alien civilization in the universe. It may be a good thing that human beings have not found alien civilization at present. We don’t know whether the alien civilization is good or bad. If they can destroy a lot of human science and technology with just one drop of water, as in the three body novel, then human beings will be completely destroyed.


Many people don’t think so. They are still sending signals to outer space, eager to find alien civilization and try to fight against them. This idea seems too absurd. Hawking also warned human beings not to try to get in touch with aliens. Maybe there will be more disasters waiting for us. What do you think about alien civilization ? You can leave a message for interaction.

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