What is the genetic impact of marriage among people of different races?

We often hear a word: half breed. The so-called half breed refers to the offspring of men and women of different races after marriage, such as yellow and white, black and yellow, etc. In our inherent concept, we think that half breed children are good-looking, and they are very smart, so why on earth? Must all hybrids be excellent?

First of all, we need to understand that it’s not the parents’ blood, but the genes that determine a child’s inborn excellence. Genes in the human body are a very complex and mysterious network full of innumerable mysteries. All the external and internal manifestations of human beings are basically determined by genes. For example, human appearance, human height, and various human diseases are all derived from genes. If human beings can completely solve the mystery of human genes, human physical quality will enter a new era.

Genes are complex. The reason why mixed race children are relatively good is also determined by genes. We all know that children’s genes come from their parents. When parents combine, their original genes are recombined and a new gene is formed. The new gene is random. It is hard to say whether it will get better or worse.


At the same time, people’s genes sometimes mutate, and those bad genes in the human body are generally recessive. We all know that the closer the parents are, the more likely those bad recessive genes will be recombined and generated, and the higher the probability that they will be inherited in the offspring. This is why, from a scientific point of view, consanguineous marriage leads to genetic diseases in the offspring The probability is very high, so now the law does not allow close relatives to marry.

In the same way, if the parents are far away from each other, the probability of those bad invisible genes coming together will be very low after their gene combination is recombined. The more likely such children are to inherit their parents’ excellent genes, the more beautiful they are and the smarter they are. This is determined by their inborn excellent genes.

Under what circumstances will parents’ blood relationship be further apart? It’s not that the distance between the two sides is far, the farther the blood relationship is. The real distant blood relationship is naturally different races, such as white, black, yellow, and so on. The blood relationship between different races is the farthest. Therefore, their offspring, that is, hybrids, will inherit more excellent genes from their parents, and their children’s congenital advantages are very obvious.

Of course, it does not necessarily mean that the children of mixed race must be excellent, they must look good or there must be no gene mutation, but the probability is relatively small. Sometimes mixed race children don’t necessarily look good, sometimes they also get genetic diseases, but the probability is relatively small, most of them are really excellent.


In fact, this is also the reason why the State advocates good birth and good education. Some countries advocate looking for foreigners to marry in order to improve the quality of future children. For example, many people in our country marry foreigners. Most of their children have innate advantages. Since childhood, other children are smart. Xiaobian also has some foreigners who come to China to settle down and marry Chinese people. Their children are of mixed race. They inherit their parents’ genes in appearance. At a glance, they know that they are of mixed race, but these children are generally very intelligent Ming, after going to school, everything is very fast.

It is estimated that many of my friends are also excited at this time: I also want to find a foreigner to marry in the future, and also want to let my children have congenital good genes. Of course, it is not so easy to find a foreigner to marry. In many cases, it is the working relationship that brings me together. If I want to find a foreigner, I must first learn a foreign language well, and there should be no obstacles in language communication.

Although the offspring of mixed race children are relatively excellent, with the continuous progress of human science and technology and the continuous research of genetic engineering, sooner or later in the future, human beings will completely solve the mystery of human genes. At that time, human beings may be able to artificially recombine the genes of both parents through genetic technology, so that the good genes can be combined and recombined, and the bad genes can be blocked. In this way, the children born in this way will be born However, they will inherit the excellent genes of both parents.


Therefore, in the future, the probability of genetic mutation of children born will be lower and lower, and children born in the future will be more and more intelligent. Through the recombination of excellent genes from generation to generation, the quality of human beings will be higher and higher. In the future, human beings will also enter the era of interstellar civilization, and human beings will go out of the solar system and the Milky way. One day, they will come into contact with alien civilizations. Maybe at that time, Human beings will no longer marry earth people, but will marry aliens. This blood relationship is far away. How will their offspring behave? Welcome to leave a message below.

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