What is the greatest scientific mystery of the 21st century? It may determine the fate of the universe and mankind

The universe is vast and vast, with countless galaxies and celestial bodies, and all things in the universe are made up of matter. In the past, people thought that what can be seen is matter. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology and the continuous deepening of the exploration of the universe, it is found that the visible matter in the universe only accounts for a small number, and most of the matter is invisible matter, and these invisible matters are invisible Matter determines the fate of the universe and the future of mankind.

So what are these intangible substances? They are dark matter and dark energy. Astrophysics research found that in the vast space, we can observe the mass of luminous stars is only a small part of the total mass of matter in the space. And a large part of the mass comes from things that we haven’t figured out yet. These invisible things are dark matter.

It was Swiss astronomer who first recognized the existence of dark matter. As early as 1933, Swiss astronomer zweiki used two different methods to estimate the total mass of the galaxy cluster: photometric method and kinetic method. Results the mass calculated by kinetic method is 400 times larger than that calculated by photometric method! There is only one explanation for such a huge error: the mass of the luminous stars is only a small part of the mass of the galaxy cluster, and a large part of the mass goes nowhere. So he called it “shortage quality.”.


In 1978, when some radio astronomers systematically measured the rotation curve of spiral galaxies, they found that objects at different distances from the center of the galaxy had the same linear velocity. This observation is completely contrary to the familiar situation of the solar system. In the solar system, the farther away from the center of the planet, the smaller the linear velocity. This is what the famous Kepler’s law tells us.

Similarly, the motion of objects around galaxies caused by gravity should follow Kepler’s law. For this reason, some scientists have proposed that only assuming that there is dark matter around the galaxy, the observed Galaxy motion can be consistent with the calculation results of Kepler’s law.

In the 21st century, the research and exploration of dark matter is accelerating, but this kind of invisible thing has been bothering countless scientists. Although dark matter is invisible, through the observation and analysis of the universe by scientists in recent decades, no one doubts its existence, so the existence of dark matter is a fact that needs no doubt.

The greatest scientific mystery of the 21st century is dark matter and dark energy. If there is dark matter, there will be dark energy. Scientists believe that dark matter accounts for 20% of the total mass of matter in the universe, while the content of dark energy is higher. On the contrary, the proportion of visible matter that we can observe is relatively small. Therefore, scientists speculate that dark matter and dark energy are the real essence of the universe Revealing their mysteries is of great significance to the exploration and study of the universe and may bring a qualitative leap to human civilization.


Although the nature of dark matter is still unknown, by the 1980s, dark matter, which accounts for about 20% of the density of the universe, had been widely accepted. Ten years ago, American astronomers used the Chandra X-ray telescope to observe galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56, and inadvertently observed the process of Galaxy collision. The collisional force of clusters is so strong that dark matter is separated from normal matter. Therefore, direct evidence of the existence of dark matter has been found.

This is the first time that human beings have directly discovered the existence of dark matter. Since then, no one has doubted its existence. However, with the current technology of human beings, it is impossible to capture and observe dark matter. It is only possible to see it under the special force of the universe, such as the collision of galaxy clusters. However, this kind of thing will not be often found in the universe, even if it occurs in far space, It’s not necessarily observable.

Why does dark matter and dark energy determine the fate of the universe and human beings? This problem will be understood when you understand some functions of dark matter and dark energy. We all know that in the vast universe, stars interact with each other and make various regular orbital movements. In the past, people always thought that the stable operation of celestial bodies in accordance with their own orbits is due to the role of gravity. However, scientists have found strange celestial phenomena in the universe and think that the stable operation of celestial bodies may not be just the role of gravity With, or unknown energy affecting them.


The universe is a very magical space, so many celestial bodies will not often collide, most of the celestial bodies have their own fixed orbit, will not run around, which in addition to the role of gravity, more important may be the help of dark matter and dark energy.

Some scientists speculate that 20% of the dark matter supports the framework of the universe, and it is with this framework that we can have a stable universe, otherwise the universe would have collapsed. Modern science believes that the universe originated from the big bang of singularity. After the big bang, the universe was born and began to expand rapidly. The expansion force may come from dark energy.

It is the existence of a large amount of dark energy that makes the universe expand outward. At the same time, the formation of galaxies and the interaction between celestial bodies may be controlled by dark energy. Dark energy may be the real controller of the vast universe, which determines all the rules of the universe. Dark matter is also the source of dark energy, so both of them are indispensable.

Dark matter and dark energy are the key to the stable operation of the universe, so what effects will it have on human beings? In fact, if human beings want to explore the universe and uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe in the future, they can’t do without dark matter and dark energy. What is the most difficult thing to explore the universe? That must be speed. If the spaceship doesn’t have enough speed, we can’t get out of the solar system, the Milky way, and the universe.


However, the universe is too big. The observable range of the universe is tens of billions of light-years, but this range may only be the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe. The real universe is too large for us to imagine. And to explore the whole universe, the speed needed is beyond our imagination, not ordinary speed of light, super speed of light can do.

In the existing scientific theory of human beings, the speed of light is the limit of speed, but in the universe, the speed of light can only be regarded as the basic speed. The speed of light can’t make us fly out of the galaxy. Although the speed of super light can fly out of the galaxy, the scope of the universe we can explore is also limited. But at what speed can we explore the whole universe?

Scientists have come up with the idea of breaking the wall of space. Our universe is equivalent to a huge bubble on which all galaxies and planets attach. If you can make a hole in the bubble, you can instantly cross from one side of the ball to the other side, realizing the transition. This speed mode is also known as wormhole shuttle.


Most of the matter in the universe is dark matter and dark energy. The wormhole may be dominated by dark matter and dark energy. If you want to open the wormhole on the cosmic bubble and enter the dark matter space, you can only do it with dark matter and dark energy. You can’t do it with other energies at all, because the most powerful energy in the universe is dark energy.

Only when humans have a complete grasp of dark matter and dark energy, we can make them available to us. We can open wormhole shuttle in the universe at any time and realize fast navigation. It may take tens of seconds or minutes to reach a distance of millions of years, which is totally beyond the human’s cognition of speed. In fact, using this mode of wormhole shuttle is similar to Einstein’s theory of relativity, The theory that the speed limit of an object is the speed of light does not conflict at all.

In normal flight mode, the speed limit of an object is the speed of light, which cannot be broken. Wormhole is the ability to use space, which is completely two concepts. If human beings really achieve wormhole shuttle in the future, the fate of human beings will be completely changed, and we will become a powerful civilization standing at the top of the universe pyramid.

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