What is the harm of not taking a bath

In daily life, the frequency of bathing is determined by personal habits. But most people have the habit of taking a bath every day, which is the result of personal hygiene and health considerations. But some people are not born to take a bath, and do not take a bath for a long time. So what’s the harm of not taking a bath?


1. Influence personal image. No matter working or studying, we can’t avoid contact with people. If you don’t take a bath for a long time, your hair is not only covered with oil. And the body will send out a disgusting smell, people can’t get close to it, also have a bad impression on it. And because the individual does not take a bath, also can become the spirit dispirited, more slovenly. His mental outlook is in a mess, so he can’t communicate with others.

2. It breeds skin diseases. People are exposed to the outside almost every day, and they have to face different degrees of bacterial infection when they come into contact with different people on different occasions. But you can make your body fresher by taking a bath. The harm that does not bathe has how many, skin infection disease affirmation cannot do without. For example, fungal infection, skin itching, swelling and so on, and even cause a wide range of skin infections.


3. Form dirt lines. If you don’t take a bath for a long time, the wrinkled part of your skin will form a line, and the surrounding area looks very dark and obvious. This is a typical sign of not taking a bath. It can’t be completely cleaned after a long time. It’s like rubbing a part of your body over and over again, which is different in color from other places.


There is no need to say much about the harm of not taking a bath. For personal health, we must pay attention to personal hygiene, develop good living habits, so as not to destroy the whole life circle. If you don’t take a bath, you will be despised and despised by others.

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