What is the impact of the first discovery of plastics in human placenta on infants? Is Hawking’s prediction coming true?

Today’s earth’s environment is different from the past. In many people’s cognition, human beings are more and more prone to diseases, which is actually caused by environmental deterioration and pollution. This is not without reason. At present, plastic restriction is being implemented all over the world. This kind of behavior can not only slow down the damage of human beings to the earth, but also save the future of human beings. Why do you say this?


There’s plastic in the placenta, too?

After hearing this view, many people scoff. Can a small amount destroy human beings? In fact, this is not alarmist. Plastics have penetrated into human life. Scientists have detected plastic particles in human feces. Most plastics can not be degraded. Long term accumulation in the body is bound to affect the body. Just some time ago, scientists made an amazing discovery that there were plastic particles in human placenta. Scientists studied and analyzed six human placenta and found that there were plastic particles in four placenta.


As we all know, the placenta is an important place for the growth and development of infants. Unexpectedly, even the newborn’s habitat has been polluted by plastics. This situation is really surprising. There is no doubt that the plastics in the placenta must be related to the mother. How do these plastics enter the human body?


Scientists believe that these plastics are actually eaten by humans. Although plastics greatly facilitate human life, they are difficult to be degraded. According to the analysis made by scientists, it takes thousands of years for the weight to be completely decomposed. Whether it is buried in the land or burned, it will cause great damage to the natural environment. In addition, the plastic bags and cosmetics that people use every day also contain a lot of plastic particles.

Pollution situation of plastics


In some economically backward areas, we can always see such pictures. One garbage dump after another appears near the ocean, and many fish carcasses are floating on the sea. Such pictures are really shocking. Scientists believe that plastic has entered the sea floor, and the weight of some marine organisms also appears. Plastic scientists once captured a whale, In this whale, it was found that the stomach was full of human plastic bags. It has no way to eat other food, and can only starve to death, so the whole earth’s ecological environment has fallen into plastic pollution, even the deepest Mariana Trench has found the figure of plastic bags.


Ecosystem is a complete whole. If there is a problem in one link, the whole ecological chain will be affected. Many people are worried after seeing this phenomenon. Is the future of mankind really like Hawking’s saying that it will come to an end in 2600? If we don’t restrict our own behavior, it is very likely that the final consequences will be paid by human beings themselves. These inventions that bring convenience to human beings may eventually end human civilization. Do you dare to reuse plastic products?

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