What is the impact of the occurrence of nine star beads? It may break the time limit and open a new chapter for human beings

When it comes to the strange phenomena in the universe, you must have heard of the nine star Lianzhu. As a strange phenomenon in the solar system, the nine star Lianzhu has been used in countless literary works, and the scientific explanation of the nine star Lianzhu is an extremely rare phenomenon. What we call the “Lianzhu” phenomenon is that the nine planets in the solar system move to one side of the sun after a specific cycle, and also converge in a fan-shaped region with a smaller angle. What will happen to the nine star Lianzhu? Open the door of time and space, or the end of the world?


The universe we live in is very big and vast. There are countless secrets we don’t know yet. Maybe we have seen some secrets, but our human technological ability is still unexplained. Maybe it’s around us, but we can’t detect them.

Actually want to study the real situation of nine star Lianzhu? Don’t wait for the appearance of the nine star Lianzhu, because ancient people have recorded this special phenomenon for a long time. Although the last appearance of the nine star Lianzhu was on December 6, 1149, it can only be counted as a nine star Lianzhu, because it is not a real Lianzhu, but a gap of 15 degrees, so the real nine star Lianzhu can be traced back When? In fact, the real nine star Lianzhu has never appeared in history, or even recorded.


But in history, six star, seven star and eight star Lianzhu have happened dozens of times. Although there are differences in angles, they are not as big as 15 degrees. After all, nothing strange happened at that time. So what strange things will happen when you encounter a real nine star Lianzhu?


The ancients have a good saying: “if you miss a little, you can’t miss a thousand miles”. Moreover, if you put this theory into astronomy, it’s more appropriate. We can’t judge the nine star continuous bead by its error. After all, the error of 15 ° recorded in ancient times is very unreliable. Therefore, if the real nine star Lianzhu will open the door of time and space or the end of the world, then we have reason to believe that, after all, we have not triggered it.

Trisomy people say that we live in a half four-dimensional space. We live in a space of length, temperature, quantity and time. But in these spaces, time is irreversible. Therefore, we usually think that time is irreversible, because time itself is a kind of incomplete state. Only when we have a complete time dimension, can it be carried out Time Leap. But we can’t make any comment on the nine star Lianzhu. Maybe it’s a doomsday, maybe it’s a turning point for human beings, and all this can only wait quietly!


We don’t know how time is incomplete. The real time of the nine star conjoined beads has yet to be studied, but it can be determined that when the nine star conjoined beads appear, the universe is still the main body of our time, that is the moment when we open the interstellar age. The real interstellar age includes not only the current time and space, but also the multiverse. Maybe it will bring us a fairy age, who knows.


The emergence of the nine star Pearl, perhaps nothing will happen, may be the biggest turning point of our mankind, may really open a new chapter. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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