What is the limit of human life? Scientists have come up with three possible answers

Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth. They were born millions of years ago. Through long evolution, they have made great achievements in science and technology. The reason why human beings can have great achievements now is that human beings have strong thirst for knowledge and greed.

Some people may say that greed is a derogatory term. Why is it boasted here? Yes, greed is a bad word in many people’s hearts, which means one’s dissatisfaction. A lot of people are doomed because of greed. Many teachers will teach their students: don’t be too greedy, be content with enough.

However, many people will not think that it is the greedy nature of human beings that has created miracles and brought about the present scientific and technological civilization. In ancient times, people were eager to fly, so they later invented the airplane. Eager to be able to move in the ocean like fish in the water, ships and submarines were invented. Eager to be able to go to the moon and meet Chang’e, so the rapid development of space technology, Apollo realized the manned landing on the moon, realized a great progress of human civilization.


It is because of the endless greedy desire of human beings that human civilization can create miracles again and again. And the greedy nature of human beings will not stop. When we enter the era of science and technology, people are eager to live longer, or even live forever. However, the laws of nature tell us that there is a limit to the life span of human beings. Different life spans have different limits. How much can human beings reach? Scientists have worked out three answers through three formulas.

1、 The ultimate life expectancy is 167 years, which is a life expectancy that many people long for, more than twice the average life expectancy of 75 years. So how do scientists work out this limit life? This algorithm uses the life cycle. Some scientists believe that the human life cycle is a multiple of 15.15. It’s about 266 days from birth to birth. By contrast, it’s equivalent to 11 years old. Multiply 11 by 15.15, and the final data is 167 years old.

2、 The ultimate life expectancy is 120 years old, which is 47 years different from the above 167 years old. Although many people feel uncomfortable, this number has been widely accepted by the scientific community. So how does it work out? This is a method developed by a scientist named Leonard hefrick by studying human cells and DNA data, which is called hefrick upper limit.


Scientists study cell division and find that the division limit of human epidermal cells is 50 times, and there is a biological enzyme on human DNA, which is commonly known as telomere. Telomere is a small DNA protein complex at the end of linear chromosome in eukaryotic cells. Together with telomere binding protein, it forms a special “cap” structure, which is used to maintain the integrity of chromosome and control cell division cycle.

Through the study of DNA, we found that telomeres will gradually shorten with cell division until they disappear. The shortening of telomeres means that the performance and activity of new cells are decreasing. If telomeres are gone, it means that a person’s life has come to an end. So scientists call telomeres the terminator of human life. Based on telomeres and cell division cycles, scientists have calculated that the ultimate life span of human beings is 120 years. This data, combined with the long-lived people recorded in human history, is basically consistent.

3、 Bafeng coefficient, a famous biologist from Britain, is a method to calculate the limit of human life. He uses the analogy method. He calculates and analyzes the ratio of life cycle to actual life span, and selects a large number of creatures other than human beings for analogy. For example, cats and dogs can be roughly matched by their proportions. So it is estimated that the living range of human great intelligence is 100-175 years old.


There is a difference between the extreme life of human beings calculated by Bafeng coefficient, and the span of this difference is relatively large. Because there are no specific and accurate figures, the extreme human life expectancy calculated by Bafeng has not received much support. After all, there are too many variables in such a wide range. What people need is a more accurate number, and even a difference range should not be too wide.

Human beings are also a member of mammals in essence. It is reasonable for scientists to calculate the life limit through human metabolism, cell division cycle and the mystery of DNA. It’s just that human beings are intelligent life, and there are too many variables with other mammals. Other mammals may be able to determine the limit of life accurately by these methods.

But human beings are different. In addition to the life attributes of nature, human beings now have another more powerful attribute, that is technology. Science can change the world and one’s destiny. As long as the power of science and technology is strong enough, it is possible to continuously increase human life span and break the limit of life span through powerful gene technology.


Take the millions of years of human history, the life span of primitive people is only about 14 years old. In the ancient feudal dynasty, people’s life span was below 60 years, and few people could live to be over 60 years old. In ancient times, people often said that sixty years old is rare in ancient times, which means to live to 60 years old, it is already a very long-lived person.

In modern times, 80 years old is not rare in ancient times, people’s average life expectancy has reached 75 years old, and more and more people live to more than 100 years old. Why do modern people live longer and longer? The fundamental reason is that science and technology is becoming more and more powerful. With the powerful science and technology, various diseases can not threaten the survival of human beings.

In the future, with the rapid development of genetic technology and nanotechnology, cancer will become the past. People don’t have to be afraid of cancer anymore. In fact, there are many animals in the animal kingdom who will not get sick in their life and have strong disease resistance. Take the dominant shark of the ocean for example, their bodies contain a special substance, which can effectively inhibit pathogens, so the shark will not suffer from disease from birth to death.


Scientists put sharks in liquid containing radioactive carcinogens for a long time, and sharks can also be safe. From this, we can see how we envy the “super ability” of sharks. If we can figure out what this particular substance is that keeps sharks from getting sick? Then the research comes out and injects it into the human body. Maybe humans will have superhuman physique that sharks don’t get sick.

If human beings will not get sick in their whole lives, they will be able to greatly improve their life expectancy. Of course, if we want to break the limit of human life, we still need to rely on powerful genetic transformation technology. Through genetic transformation, we can realize the secondary evolution of human beings and make human beings become a higher life. At that time, the life span of human beings may be very long. It is possible to live for hundreds or thousands of years.

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