What is the Mandela effect? Has human memory been tampered with? What’s the explanation?

Xiao Bian asked you a question: is the Chinese character “Ju” familiar to us three horizontal or two horizontal? It’s like two horizontal, isn’t it? It’s strange that the “three pieces” are horizontal! But in fact, there are three horizontal.

Let’s take a look at the song “love China”. Hum, “56 constellations, 56 flowers, 56 brothers and sisters are one family”. Do you think there is any problem? It should be “56 nationalities”!


Yes, in our lives, things like the above often happen.

Sometimes when I go to a strange place, I feel like I have been here; sometimes when I see some scenes, I think I have experienced them. Why is that? Has human memory been tampered with?

In fact, this is memory dislocation, also known as “Mandela effect”.


What is the “Mandela effect”?

Mandela is the first black president in the history of South Africa.


In 2010, a netizen mentioned on the Internet that he found that he and some friends agreed that Mandela, a South African politician, died in his cell in the early 1980s.

They also believe that there was a grand funeral after Mandela’s death, in which many important people participated and wept for Mandela’s departure.

In fact, Mandela only died in 2013, and this collective memory error makes many people feel incredible.


And scientists are also very concerned about this event, so this large area of memory disorder phenomenon is called “Mandela effect”.

Why is there a “Mandela effect”?


There are three different explanations for Mandela effect, including quantum mechanics, ancient civilization and group false memory.

On the explanation of quantum mechanics:

Quantum mechanics has something to do with multiuniverses.


Some scientists speculate that there are many universes. What we see is one of them. These universes develop independently and do not interfere with each other.

But sometimes there will be a brief intersection between the universe and the universe, and this intersection will make people’s memory become confused, and make people’s mind appear the memory of things that happened in another universe.


On the explanation of ancient civilization:

Paleontologists put forward that the earth existed for 4.6 billion years, but the history of human development can only be traced back to two or three million years ago. According to the theory of evolution, human beings evolved from apes.

However, it has been found that human footprints were found in the trilobite fossils 250 million years ago, which makes people wonder whether 4.6 billion years only allowed apes to evolve into human beings?


In other words, history may have been tampered with by some kind of higher civilized life. This kind of higher civilized life can travel through time and space to go back to the past and to the future, so that history will be rewritten.

The explanation of group false memory is as follows


The first two explanations are very sci-fi, so at present people think that the most scientific explanation is the explanation of “group false memory”.

This explanation holds that people’s memory will make mistakes. When our memory goes wrong, we don’t know it, and we will regard the wrong memory as a real event.

Psychologists have proved that human memory can be reshaped, and hypnosis is the most common method. Through hypnosis, a person’s perception, thinking, memory and behavior may change.


For memory, some memories can be deleted, or a false memory can be implanted. Of course, the original memory can be tampered with, such as hypnosis technology.

In fact, everyone’s brain may produce false memories, or distort the real situation of things. But people believe in their memories, and even believe the lies made up by their brains.


It is undeniable that when people do not know the truth, some so-called “truth” will be spread infinitely, and then more and more people will reach a consensus.

In the end, the fake becomes true, and people’s subconscious will remember this kind of false evidence, so the “Mandela effect” comes into being. Even if they finally find out the truth, they will still be very suspicious.

Have you ever had a “Mandela effect”? What’s your opinion? Welcome to comment area.

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