What is the meaning of human existence? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I understand

The earth is a planet of life, 4 billion years in the ocean, the birth of the most primitive simple life. After a long period of evolution, life has become more and more abundant and complex. More than 500 million years ago, in order to survive, some marine organisms moved to land and began the evolution from marine organisms to terrestrial organisms.

After the birth of terrestrial organisms, the evolution speed is amazing. Although the earth has experienced five mass extinctions in more than 500 million years, the evolution speed of terrestrial organisms is getting faster and faster. It was not until millions of years ago that human beings were born. Human beings and other creatures took different evolutionary paths. Animals took the road of power, while human beings took the road of wisdom.


With the help of wisdom, human beings with weak physical strength began to grow up and become the overlord of the earth, and formed human civilization more than 5000 years ago. The formation of civilization has accelerated the development of human beings and embarked on the road of scientific development hundreds of years ago.

With the help of science, human civilization finally ushered in a brilliant moment, and soon we went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. Human beings have not existed for a long time, far less than the dinosaurs who dominated the earth for 160 million years 65 million years ago. But because human beings are intelligent life, we can think and realize, and constantly explore the mysteries of the world through thinking and consciousness.

Although mankind’s real understanding of the world is after entering the era of science and technology, the exploration and thinking of the world has been tens of thousands of years. In ancient times, human beings had already thought about the sky, the nature of the world, and human beings themselves, but at that time, they lacked scientific guidance and gave God’s attribute to many puzzles.


Among the many puzzles, one puzzles the ancients and modern scientists have been pondering, that is, what is the significance of human existence? In fact, the ancients were not as persistent as the modern scientists. In ancient times, many people believed in the existence of immortals. In myths and legends, human beings were created by gods, so the significance of human existence is not worth thinking about.

However, when human beings enter the era of science, we all know that there is no God in this world. We can use science to find answers to the mysterious phenomena that ancient human beings did not understand. We understand that man is not created by God, but an evolution of life. It is the primitive simple life that has evolved into man step by step.


Many people may say that it is a boring topic to study and explore the significance of human existence. Is that really the case? Of course not. The more advanced technology is, the more we think about the significance of human existence. Especially when human beings go out of the earth and make no progress in exploring extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization.

When people walk out of the earth to see the vast universe, people will think: does alien civilization exist? The more you know about the vastness of the universe, the more you will feel that the probability of the existence of alien civilization is basically 100%. In addition, from 13.8 billion years of the universe, we can also think that if human beings can exist, then alien civilizations should also exist. Moreover, in different times of the universe, there may be a large number of life planets and a large number of intelligent civilizations.

If so, it should not be surprising that the universe has a wisdom civilization that is 100 million years, one billion years or even longer than human civilization. Once an intelligent civilization enters the era of science and technology, it will develop very fast. It takes only more than 100 years for human beings to walk out of the earth. Then a civilization that has developed to 100 million years or one billion years earlier than human beings can imagine how powerful they will be.


Such a powerful civilization should have the ability to cross the interstellar space for a long time, and the universe may just be their back garden. If so, then the universe should be very busy, the earth should have a lot of advanced civilization to patronize, we should have been able to contact with alien civilization.

But the reality is not the case, we see the universe is very lonely, until now did not find any extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. In theory, the universe should be very lively and intelligent civilizations are everywhere, but the reality is that we can’t see an alien civilization. Where have they all gone?


For human beings have not found alien civilization, scientists have given a variety of conjectures, such as: the theory of cosmic laboratory, virtual universe theory. These theories sound reasonable, but in addition to these conjectures, we have to think about another possibility, that is, there is only one living planet in the universe, the earth, and only one intelligent civilization, human beings.

If the above conjecture becomes true, then we have to think, what is the meaning of human existence? If the number of intelligent civilizations in the universe is very common and human beings are not the only one, then it is meaningless to discuss the significance of human existence.

However, once the future proves that human beings are the only intelligent civilization in the universe, the significance of human existence may be far beyond our imagination. So what’s the secret behind this meaning? Let’s first take a look at the significance of human existence for the earth? You know, there is only one intelligent civilization on the earth, and the emergence of human beings is of great significance to the earth.


We all know that this universe, whether it’s a star or a planet, can’t last forever. After the stars run out of fuel, they will enter the end of the explosion, and finally evolve into white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes. If a star is destroyed, the planets around it will die out, and even the whole galaxy will die out.

The sun is also a star with a life span of about 10 billion years. When the life of the sun comes to an end, the earth and even the entire solar system may be destroyed. Even if the solar system can be preserved, then the earth, as a habitable zone, will be engulfed by its orbit and disappear into the universe during the period of solar expansion.


This is a natural fate of the earth. Without the emergence of human beings, the earth could exist for another 5 billion years at most. However, the emergence of human beings may change the fate of the earth. If we can go to the starry sky through science and technology, then the power of science and technology may take the earth away from the solar system to other galaxies. Therefore, human beings can bring their own parent star into the interstellar together, and the earth can survive for a longer time, completely changing its fate.

In the same way, the universe is unlikely to be eternal, and its expansion may not last forever. One day, the universe will come to an end. We don’t know how long it will take. When the life of the universe is over, the whole universe will disappear or return to zero again.

This is the normal fate of the universe, but the birth of human beings may change the fate of the universe in the future. The reason is very simple, because human beings have mastered the great power of science. Science is the supreme law above the universe. Through science, we can understand everything in the universe and master everything in the universe. Nature will also know what kind of ultimate destiny the universe will face in the future.


With the ultimate power of science, we can use it to adjust the operation of the universe. In this way, the life span of the universe can be greatly increased, and even the universe can completely transcend the fate of destruction and truly realize eternity. If human beings are the only one in the universe, the meaning of our existence may be to change the fate of the universe in the future.

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