What is the most ferocious animal on land and water? The animal that kills the most people weighs less than 2 mg

As a ferocious animal in water and land, it may be our common animal, and it’s really amazing. Then animals in water can be divided into two kinds, one is in fresh water, the other is in the ocean.

First of all, it is the most ferocious animal in freshwater. Maybe you will feel funny after watching it, but in fact it is really ferocious. It is called toothpick fish. The fish is a catfish and perhaps the smallest vertebrate known in the world.

So why is it so fierce? Because its whole body is basically transparent, and its size is very small, people will be difficult to notice its trajectory.

At the same time, this kind of fish belongs to parasitic fish. They like to parasitize on the parotid gland of all kinds of fish, and their gills have their own special barb shaped spines. In this way, the parasitic fish will be hooked by these spines all the time, and they will also eat the blood of these big fish.


At the same time, because the sensory system of this kind of small fish is very developed, it is very convenient for them to find the host. For example, sometimes humans become the host for no reason, because humans swim in the water or defecate.

Because the surrounding water is disturbed by human behavior, they can sense it, and they will enter the human body through the urethra, which will make people feel miserable. At the same time, because of the various thorns, it means that if they enter the human body, they will never come out without surgery.

At the same time, when these fish enter the body of human body or other fish, they will continue to absorb the blood of these creatures until the blood is drained, and then they go to find a new host again. Therefore, in the process of gradually being drained, these boarded fish will experience a miserable experience.

What are the most ferocious animals in the ocean? It’s actually a species of Gnathostoma spinosa.


This insect will never cause any human or animal death, but it can really make people feel miserable. It’s actually a kind of parasite, and it’s mostly found in marine organisms – people are usually infected by it when they use seafood that has not been completely boiled.

These insects can flow freely in the human body along with the blood. There was a news that a woman was infected with this parasite, and she didn’t realize any reason at that time. Later, after more than 10 years, the doctor found out in a comprehensive physical examination that it was because of the parasite. Finally, the parasite was eliminated, and the woman finally returned to health In the life of Kang.

So what is the most ferocious animal on land? The answer, you can’t imagine, is that it’s a mosquito.

According to various data, mosquitoes are the animals that kill the most human beings. None of them is because the number of mosquitoes is too large and they are pervasive. Every living person will be bitten by mosquitoes. It means that compared with the attacks of jackals, tigers and leopards on human beings, the number of human beings dying in the hands of mosquitoes is the largest.


And why does this happen? The reason is that mosquitoes not only bite people and suck blood, but also spread various diseases, such as dengue fever, malaria and so on. Previously, dengue fever spread widely in Cambodia and Vietnam, which was caused by mosquitoes.

Nowadays, every country has its own anti mosquito methods. At the same time, the most famous American Biological company has also started to work on mosquitoes, and developed genetically modified male mosquitoes to make them carry suicide genes. However, so far, mosquitoes are still living well all over the world, and there is no trend to reduce the number at all.

At the same time, after the hurricane in the United States in 2020, millions of mosquitoes killed more than 400 local animals.

Therefore, whether horizontally or vertically, the most ferocious animal to human beings does not mean that it is a very terrible creature, but we should pay attention to all kinds of health and safety, and be more careful.

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