What is the origin of the ancient Maya? Where did they go after they disappeared?

There are many prehistoric civilizations on the earth, among which the Maya civilization is the most mysterious. From some records left by the Maya civilization and other ancient documents, we can see that the ancient Maya civilization is very developed, especially the understanding of the universe is more than us.

The Maya civilization disappeared after a period of existence on the earth. No one knows where they are? There are only a few ancient Mayan buildings left. There are three of them in Mexico. There are many other such buildings in other places. The ancient Mayans created hieroglyphs around B.C.

There are still many predictions made by the Mayans, which have been realized one by one. All kinds of signs show that the ancient Mayans may not be Earthlings, so where did they come from?

We may be able to find some clues from the ancient Mayan calendar. The traditional calendar of the ancient Mayan people is 8 months a year, 20 days a month. People speculate that the ancient Mayan people used the 20 base system before they arrived on the earth, but I don’t know why they used such a number system. We earth people never thought of such a number system.

With the continuous exploration of space, it is found that there is a planet in the solar system whose cycle is very similar to the history of the ancient Mayans. This planet is Venus, the Sister star of the earth.


Venus is very close to the earth, and it is also a planet in the habitable zone. However, the environment of Venus we have observed now is very bad, and the surface temperature is very high. Although there is a thick atmosphere, there is an acid rain layer in the atmosphere, so there will be an acid rain on Venus from time to time.

Scientists have speculated that Venus was not like this. Venus may have been a beautiful planet of life just like the earth before, but I don’t know what happened later. Moreover, the probe once ventured deep into the atmosphere of Venus and found that there were ruins on the surface of Venus, which indicates that there may have been civilization on Venus in the past.

The calendar used by the ancient Mayans is very similar to the cycle of Venus’ revolution. A week of Venus’ revolution is 234.7 days, and the earth’s revolution is 365.26 days. Why do the ancient Mayans know Venus so well? Are they really aliens from Venus?

Although scientists are not sure whether the ancient Mayans came from Venus or not, they can be found from a lot of historical records that the ancient Mayans may really be aliens. There have been four biological death events on earth, but they have been mentioned in the records left by the ancient Mayans. Why do they know the history of the earth? We are sure that the Mayans are not gods either. The reason why they are so familiar with the earth is probably that they observed the earth from their parent star. Perhaps the ancestors of their parent star have been observing the earth, and the history of the earth has been recorded in their parent star.

If we can observe the earth in such detail, the mother star of the ancient Mayans will not be too far away from the earth. Venus is just right. It is not difficult for us to observe Venus from the earth. The ancient Mayans were able to carry out interstellar navigation, and the technology was naturally very developed, so it is easy to observe the nearby earth. Maybe we can make such a bold guess.


In ancient times, Venus was a beautiful planet of life. Venusians were born very early, and their civilization was developing step by step. Later, they had the ability to explore the universe, and discovered that their neighbor earth was also a planet of life. However, the earth was still full of disasters and difficulties, and life was still primitive. Venusians have recorded the evolution of the earth through advanced observation equipment, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Later, the earth also gave birth to civilization. At this time, there may be a nuclear war or other major ecological changes inside Venus. The environment of Venus will be greatly changed, the temperature will gradually rise, the water resources will evaporate, and the atmosphere will continue to deteriorate. Venus can no longer survive. Fortunately, at this time, the Venus civilization had the ability of interstellar navigation, and the surviving Venusians were ready to immigrate. They chose the earth very close to them.

After they came to the earth, they established the Mayan civilization, lived on the earth temporarily, and continued to use the calendar on Venus, and many buildings were different from the earth. After living on the earth for a long time, the Mayan civilization found that the earth might not be suitable for them, because when they came to the earth, civilization had already been born on the earth, they could not wipe out all the indigenous people on the earth, and they also hated war.

If the ancient Mayans wanted to achieve their dominant position, they had to find another planet suitable for their survival. At this time, the ancient Mayans used their advanced space technology to find a planet very similar to their parent planet Venus outside the solar system, and there was no civilization on that planet, which was more suitable for their life.

As a result, the ancient Mayans left the earth one day and set out for this exoplanet. Maybe now they have already developed and grown in their new home. The frequent UFO on the earth now is the spaceship of the ancient Mayans, that is, the former Venusians. After all, although they are away from the solar system, they know the coordinates of the earth. Come back and see what happened to the original earth What it looks like is also a kind of homesickness.


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