What is the origin of the universe? Scientists overturn the big bang theory and hold their own opinions

People always want to find the source. Where do we come from? Humans evolved from a specific ape like ancestor, so where did the ape like ancestor come from? Similarly, the original single-cell life forms evolved over a long period of time. Where does the earth that carries and breeds life come from? The earth’s crust is made up of gas and dust in the universe.


How did the universe come into being? That’s the fundamental problem. On the origin of the universe, after countless studies and conjectures, scientists have found one of the most convincing theories, namely the big bang theory.

According to the big bang theory, the universe was just a point at the beginning, which is called singularity in science. It has infinite density and mass. Due to some unknown reason, the singularity exploded. From that moment, space-time came into being, and the universe was born. Since the singularity explosion, the universe has been expanding continuously, and the expansion speed undoubtedly exceeds that of light Speed.


By the way, the speed limit theory of light is the study of the speed of matter in the universe, and the expansion of space is not limited to this. The Big Bang is undoubtedly a success. It can explain many of the cosmic problems we are facing now. But it can’t be called a conclusion because it hasn’t been confirmed yet.


Moreover, recently, some scientists have joined forces to question the big bang theory, and their spearheads have pointed to this field which is hard to justify. If the universe is produced from the big bang, then there must be a state before the big bang, which is called “singularity” in the big bang theory.

In this case, we only need to make some reasonable assumptions to simulate the space-time before the big bang in theory. However, scientists have found that if we make some assumptions and use mathematical models to simulate the space-time before the big bang, it is impossible to establish equations. As we all know, the great scientist Einstein once said that the equation is eternal.


Therefore, it is doubtful whether a theory of irregular equation can be established. If you just ask questions, you can’t be a scientist, because scientists can not only ask questions, but also solve problems, and provide solutions to problems.


Therefore, based on the above problems, scientists put forward a new theory of the origin of the universe, namely “rebound theory”. This theory completely inherits the success of the big bang theory, but the difference is that this theory believes that the universe has no beginning and no end. There is no primitive origin in space. In fact, our universe has been shrinking since it began to expand. That is to say, there is another universe before the one we exist.

It is a universe that constantly collapses and shrinks. When it finally shrinks to the limit, it begins to expand, that is, our present universe. After expanding to a certain extent, our universe collapses and shrinks again. The universe circulates in this contraction and expansion. Compared with the big bang theory, this theory is indeed more perfect, and the most important thing is that it is easier to understand.


However, most scientists don’t think so. They think this theory was refuted by four Nobel Prize winners immediately after it was put forward. Obviously, it is not easy to make a new scientific theory accepted by people. Do you support the big bang theory? Or do you prefer the new idea of the origin of the universe?


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