What is the position of the earth in the universe? The imagination is beautiful, the reality is cruel

The earth is a planet of life, and human beings are the only intelligent life on this planet. Before human beings walked out of the earth, they only saw the sky above the earth. Many people may think that the sky is vast and unimaginable.

However, as human beings enter the era of science and technology, they find that the sky of the earth is too small to be ignored. At this time, many people will think of such a question: what is the position of the earth in the universe? Many people may think that the earth is a beautiful planet of life, as well as intelligent life of human beings, so the status of nature in the universe is very high. Is that true?

First, let’s look at how small the earth is in the universe. As we all know, the solar system is the galaxy where the earth is located, and its diameter is about two light-years. The earth is the largest rocky planet in the solar system, but its mass and volume are nothing compared with those of gaseous planets. Jupiter’s mass is 318 times that of the earth and its volume is 1321 times that of the earth.


If planets are compared with stars, there is no comparison. The mass of the sun accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system, and the earth is already insignificant in front of it. When we walk out of the solar system, we will see the Milky way with a diameter of 200000 light-years. In the Milky way, there are about 200 billion star systems like the solar system. In this way, the solar system is just a grain of dust in front of the Milky way, and the earth is not even a grain of dust.

When you think the Milky way is very big, we will look out of the Milky way again. At this time, you will find that the Milky way is too small. There are many stars larger than it outside the Milky way. We can observe Andromeda galaxy, M87 Galaxy (the galaxy that publishes the black hole photo), IC 1101 galaxy, etc. The diameter of IC 1101 galaxy is about 6 million light-years, and the Milky way is a small spot in front of it.

All of these galaxies belong to a larger galaxy called the Virgo supercluster, which is about 200 million light-years in diameter, and the Milky way is a grain of dust in front of it. So what is the earth in the solar system? It could be the size of a pixel. The whole universe is made up of innumerable galaxies in a huge “cosmic network”, and the Virgo Cluster is one of the cosmic networks, in which the Virgo Cluster is just one of the nodes.

This cosmic node of the Virgo Cluster is part of the larger Rania Kea supercluster, which contains 500 known clusters and more than 100000 galaxies. The whole cluster looks like a “feather”, but the “feather” spans 520 million light-years. The Rania Kea supercluster is just one of the “feathers” in the whole structure of the universe. The whole universe is composed of at least hundreds of “feathers” like Rania Kea supercluster.


This is the scope of the universe that human beings can observe at present, and there may be a larger unknown space beyond the observable universe. It is possible that the scope of the observable universe of mankind is only the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe, and it is only a grain of dust in front of the whole universe. After looking at the scope of human observable universe, and looking back at our solar system and our earth, do you still think that the earth has a different position in the universe?

Some people may say that the earth is a civilized planet, and its status is naturally very high. But in the vast universe, is there really only one life planet, earth, and only one intelligent civilization, human? People who believe in reason will not arrogantly think that there is only one civilization in the whole universe. Scientists also believe that in the vast universe, the number of living planets may be very common, and there will be many civilized planets.

What is the position of human civilization in the family of cosmic civilization? Some people will say that human science and technology are so advanced, so naturally, human civilization is in the front position. But is that really the case? Let’s make a rational analysis of this.


As we all know, the universe originated from the big bang of singularity 13.8 billion years ago. The age of the universe is about 13.8 billion years old. After the big bang, life planet and civilization planet can’t be born soon. The early universe is still in the process of continuous reorganization of matter. The formation of stars, planets and galaxies also needs a process. The universe in this period is chaotic.

Scientists believe that one billion years after the birth of the universe, early life may begin to be born on suitable planets. In other words, 12.8 billion years ago, the universe may have given birth to early life. At this time, the sun and the earth had not yet been born, and the early life of the universe was about 10 billion years earlier than that of the earth.

10 billion years is such a huge time difference. In such a long time, even if many living planets end before the birth of intelligent life, there will still be some living planets that can finally give birth to intelligent life and gradually evolve into civilization. And such an early civilization in the universe may have been born billions of years earlier than human beings.

It took millions of years for human civilization to develop to the present scientific and technological civilization, and billions of years and millions of years are a huge time gap. Even if the development of alien civilization is slow, its actual strength is far beyond that of human civilization, and it is a powerful civilization beyond our imagination. Before the appearance of human beings, there may have been countless kinds of intelligent civilization in the universe.


After all, can human beings still rank at the top in the circle of cosmic civilization? I don’t think it’s possible. Scientists once divided the civilization of the universe into seven levels, but human civilization is not even a level one civilization, only a level 0.7 civilization. Even if such strength is not at the bottom of the universe civilization circle, it is believed to be a relatively backward civilization.

Of course, there are still many civilizations in the universe that are still in the stage of wisdom and primitive civilization. Compared with them, nature is very powerful. After reading these, I believe that many friends have a new understanding of the status of human beings in the universe, and some may feel sad and confused about the future of human beings.

In fact, it is totally unnecessary. Since mankind entered the era of science and technology, the speed of development is amazing. According to the current speed of human development, as long as we give enough time for human development, we believe that we will soon catch up with those old and powerful civilizations in the universe. That human civilization will also enter the circle of advanced civilization, and move towards a higher goal step by step. It is possible that in the endless future, human beings will become the overlord of the universe.


Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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