What is the possibility of wolf child? After the analysis, experts come to this conclusion

I believe everyone has heard of such a well-known story. After a child was transferred away by a wolf, not only did he not eat, but also he was raised. When he grew up, the child also had the habit of wolf. He was found and brought back to the human world. Later, he died early because he was totally unable to adapt to human society. No matter how attractive the story is, these are stories. Have wolf children ever existed in this world?


There are at least a dozen reports about wolf children in the world, but the most sensational and convincing one is two little girls found near a village in India in 1920. According to the report, the two little girls were found in a small village near Calcutta, India, by missionaries passing through the village. At that time, some evil words were spreading in the village, and missionary Singh intended to help the villagers get rid of evil. I didn’t expect to find that the villager’s demons were actually two little girls. In order to find the two children, Singh killed the female wolf who resisted, and finally found two little girls living with the young wolf in a dark cave.

Although the little girls were saved, their habits were no different from those of wolves. After the missionaries sent the little girls to the orphanage, the story of wolf child became very popular. Countless people came to watch the so-called “wolf child”. Even the missionaries finally began to write “diary” to record the wolf child’s life. Although the diary was accused of being full of flaws, it still did not affect the impact of the story on people. The orphanage also received a large amount of donations. Therefore, some people speculated that the wolf child was made up by missionaries to help the orphanage get donations. Although the two little girls have been living in the human society again, they do not adapt to the new environment, coupled with all kinds of suffering, the younger child died soon. It’s a pity that the older child only lived to be a teenager in the end. Coincidentally, there are more than ten versions of the story of wolf child, but the ending is almost the same, which makes people curious and sad.


So what’s the probability of wolf child’s existence? According to the rumor of the story, the possibility is basically zero. That is to say, these stories are basically fabricated, but why do experts come to such a conclusion? According to the comments in various versions, in addition to the big gap between the appearance of wolf children and normal human beings, even the habits of creatures themselves have changed greatly. This is also the direct evidence that experts believe the story is fabricated. The biological characteristics will not change substantially with the change of living environment, just like throwing a chicken into a duck pile to live, until it dies, it is impossible for a chicken to learn the cry of a duck, let alone grow webbed feet and learn to swim. And all kinds of things in the story have completely betrayed the characteristics of biology itself, such as learning the way dogs drink water, and having red eyes at night and the smell of wolves.


Even without mentioning these biological characteristics, it is impossible for wolves to raise human children. First of all, the possibility of wolves not eating human children is very low. Well, even if there are such wolves; second, the human lactation period is very long, and the wolf’s lactation period is only a few months. After weaning, let the children eat raw meat directly, there is no possibility of survival. In addition to these points, experts also pointed out many other unrealistic factors. So the wolf child only exists in the story after all, and even the story of Tarzan the ape needs to be verified.

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