What is the purpose of zoo theory, which limits the scope of human activities?

I believe everyone is familiar with the famous Fermi paradox. Fermi put forward a sentence casually at that time, but it aroused scientists’ thinking and puzzled scientists for many years. At that time, Fermi thought that there might be alien civilizations and flying saucers outside the earth, but where on earth were they?


At present, the level of human science and technology can be described as a qualitative leap, which is a great progress for us, but for the whole universe, this height is at the bottom, not even a dust in the universe.

Since 60 years of last century, curiosity has driven us to explore the universe. Although there has been no breakthrough in the exploration of the universe, for so many years, we firmly believe that the universe is so vast that human civilization cannot be the only civilization.


We have been looking for new traces of civilization, but we have not found any. More importantly, human beings have been trying to fly farther and farther in the universe, but the cruel facts show that maybe we will have the ability to fly out of the solar system, but it is impossible to get out of the solar system.


Even in the future, with more and more advanced technology, we may have the technology of freely shuttling time and space in science fiction movies, but we can’t get out of the solar system. In other words, we seem to be trapped in the solar system, and “life imprisonment.”.

This leads to our topic today——


Zoo theory


. The origin of this theory is human’s conjecture that there is definitely a higher civilization in the universe, and this higher civilization has locked the intelligent earth creatures in the cage of the galaxy. Human beings are the animals in their world, and the earth is the zoo they built.

We’re here because the unidentified creatures put us here, and they’re behind the scenes. Even other places besides the earth have similar cages in which different civilizations are bound. If this hypothesis is true, what is the purpose of their captivity?


For this kind of behavior, scientists have discussed that the purpose of alien civilization’s enclosure of human civilization is to copy human civilization, and spread the copied human civilization that has developed to a certain stage on the earth in every corner of the universe.


In this way, more earth will be born, and each earth will have the same civilization. Perhaps the creatures on other earth will look a little different from human beings, but these civilizations will eventually reproduce quietly in different ways. Why do we do this for higher organisms?

Some scientists believe that it’s because they don’t know where they came from, and they want to find their origin by observing civilization and studying its development. Some scientists joked that they just lived in the universe for too long, and their life was boring. They kept a group of small pets to pass the time.


If you think about it carefully, the first argument is not untenable, because when we raise chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep in our life, we do not simply want to cultivate them, but for what we need (such as food and interests).


Therefore, the purpose of advanced civilization may also be to get something from the earth or from human beings. We can try to guess what advanced civilization wants.

But first of all, we can exclude the source of food, because we have never seen a large number of people missing from the earth. However, the end of each person’s life is to connect with the end of this world, and finally may lead to another world.


What do you think of that? Do you believe in zoo theory? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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