What is the real “pusher” behind the disaster in 2020?

What is the real “pusher” behind the disaster in 2020?


2020 is the year to open Pandora’s box. Some things have happened in the past five months, which is too magical. Perhaps from the beginning, 2020 is an extraordinary year, and some natural disasters have spread all over the world, so that people are feeling, what’s going on in 2020?


By the end of 2019, fires in Australia have been burning, even from 2019 to 2020. In this fire, tens of thousands of animals not only lost their habitat, but also lost their lives. Some of the endangered species are disappearing from the earth. In addition, the locust plague in East Africa in 2020 is also spreading, making the local food harvest is nothing. So why did such a disaster happen, and who was the “pusher” behind it?


As for the ensuing natural disasters, many people think that the biggest initiator is probably us. We made it. Some behaviors of human beings in real life will affect the environment over time, so that in 2020, the earth will start frequent retaliation. Is the truth really what we guess?


It is undeniable that our exploitation of the earth’s resources is extremely unreasonable. In our daily industrial activities, a lot of harmful gases are emitted into the atmosphere, which have caused today’s global warming. However, it should be a long process. Why do disasters suddenly occur frequently?


In order to better understand the truth behind these disasters, scientists even set up relevant research groups. In fact, it all starts with the fire at the end of 2019. In fact, it started with the burning in the Amazon forest. At that time, at least 500000 hectares of trees were damaged to a large extent. This fire has reduced many plants and animals to ashes. What’s more infuriating is that the source of this Amazon fire is not the so-called natural disaster, but man-made burning. The main reason is that in order to obtain enough land, people began to cut down in some places, just for building houses and farming. This behavior can not be said to be adverse to the natural attack It turns.


Amazon rainforest is the most abundant vegetation on earth. It can be said that once it has problems, it can cause earth shaking changes to the overall environment of the earth. Perhaps it is precisely because of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest that so many disasters continue to occur on the earth. In the past five months, these disasters have exhausted our human body and mind. What do you think is the real driving force behind these disasters in 2020? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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