What is the real reason for the successive appearance of anomalies on the earth and the reappearance of species that have disappeared for a hundred years?

The species that have disappeared for 135 years now reappear to the earth repeatedly. Is it that the earth’s environment is getting better?


Only when the living things on the earth are linked together can they form a stable ecosystem. The existence of a creature has its own value. If there is a problem in one link, it is bound to have a great impact. Before the birth of human civilization, the earth has experienced five mass extinctions, most of which are attributed to environmental changes or external disasters. With the elimination of some species, new species will replace them soon, so those disappeared species will soon be forgotten.

Recent studies have shown that species that have disappeared for a long time reappear, as if they had not disappeared at all. Instead, they hide in a hidden corner and have never been found. What’s the matter? Some time ago, there was a report that the “yufenghua wetland” in Zhejiang Province was discovered. It existed in 1885, in the 135 years, almost no footprints have been found. Now some staff members have found it again, which is really incredible. The species that have disappeared for 135 years now reappear to the earth repeatedly. Is it that the earth’s environment is getting better?


What are the reasons for the recurrence of species?


The reason for its emergence is being speculated. Some creatures are so rare that they are easy to ignore when looking for them. Therefore, our subconscious mind misled us that they may have been extinct for a long time. It is gratifying and worrying to see them again. The reappearance of not only plants, but also many animals, such as diphtheria, clouded leopard and so on, has aroused scientists’ deep thinking. They have disappeared on the earth for a long time, but for some unknown reason, they have reappeared. What is the truth behind them?

It’s a great blessing to be able to find these long extinct creatures, but scientists are on the alert that their appearance is not a good thing. As a member of the ecosystem, since we have found these creatures, we have the obligation to protect them, at least not to let them lead to a road of no return. Nowadays, the earth’s environment has changed greatly, and various problems have emerged one after another, which has caused trouble to many species. The great changes in the environment make them have to change their body functions, and only in this way can they survive.


What should human beings do to protect the living things on earth?


According to WWF, between 1970 and 2016, the number of species on the earth decreased sharply. Their disappearance was not only related to the natural environment, but also some died due to excessive human hunting. Many people are selfish. The organs of some creatures have high research value and can be sold at a good price. Therefore, they have an evil idea to expand the scope of hunting and killing them, resulting in a sharp decrease in the number and the verge of extinction.

It’s time for human beings to take some measures and work together to save those species that are about to die out and maintain the ecological balance. The reappearance of those species, on the contrary, has sounded an alarm for human beings. Human beings should always pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment, which is not only related to their own survival, but also to the feelings of those species. Destroying nature because of their own selfish desires will eventually lead to self harm. What measures do you think can be taken to effectively protect those endangered species? You can leave a message for interaction.

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