What is the relationship between Shanhaijing and Maya prophecy? What does it mean that there are too many coincidences?

It is believed that the real emergence of Maya civilization in front of mankind is the end of the world in 2012. In fact, in addition to many predictions, the calendar they created is still talked about by human beings. In the prediction of Mayan civilization, they claim that human beings will experience five times of destruction and rebirth, and each cycle is the so-called solar age. Strictly speaking, there is no scientific basis for such a statement, which is very unconvincing. However, if you have read the book of mountains and seas of China, you will find that the two are surprisingly similar to each other to some extent.


Nuwa made man

For a long time, the people of our country have regarded the book of mountains and seas as a fantastic fairy tale. The scenes told in it have no scientific basis. However, according to the archaeological findings of scientists, the story in the book of mountains and seas is similar to the reality. It is hard to believe that it is a coincidence. When it comes to the origin of human beings, I believe many people will think of the myth that Nuwa created human beings. In our opinion, this is contrary to the common sense of evolution. But even in the highly developed Maya culture, they also believe that women were born because they had a connection with the gods. They claim that the civilization produced by the first solar year on the earth is the gandaya civilization, and the book of mountains and seas also describes that a female leader of the Huaxu tribe once stepped on the giant’s footprints, and thus had the ability to sense with the giant, so that human beings were born.


The third eye of mankind


The Mayans once said that during the birth of the gentaya civilization, there were invasions by other nations. In order to defend themselves, the gentaya civilization had to respond to the war. The men at that time were still different from the present humans. They had three eyes, and the third eye was just in the middle of the forehead, which not only could expand the scope of vision, but also could attack enemy. It is also recorded in the book of mountains and seas in China. It is said that in a country called Qigong, human beings have three eyes in this country. Originally, I thought this was just a fabricated section of the bridge, but I didn’t expect that during the process of archaeology, scientists actually excavated relics and sculptures with three eyes, which really surprised people.

big flood


When we carefully study the developed civilizations in human history, we will find that most of the civilizations disappeared because of a flood. For example, the Atlantis civilization disappeared forever because of the invasion of the flood. Just like the gandaya civilization as the Mayans said, the collapse of this developed civilization was also due to the flood. If you have read the book of mountains and seas, you can find that at that time, people’s reclamation angered the mountain of Buzhou. When the flood came, Dayu spent more than ten years in order to control the flood. I don’t know if you have ever thought about this question. Is the disappearance of gandaya civilization at the same time as Dayu’s flood control?


In our opinion, these things are coincidental in Thailand, but they are far away from us. We may have to wait until the day when scientists make a breakthrough to solve these puzzles.

Whether it is the book of mountains and seas or the Maya civilization in China, they are important in the history of human civilization. It seems that the two are different, but there are many coincidences. It’s not hard to doubt. I don’t know what you think?

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