What is the secret hidden in the depth of ten thousand meters? Expert: we don’t know enough about the bottom of the sea

The vast ocean must have been appreciated by many people. People always have a special yearning for the depth of the ocean, because there are many unknown secrets hidden in the bottom of the sea. Every dive can bring people unexpected surprises. As for why we should explore the ocean, we should not only satisfy our curiosity, but also seek more resources.


Seventy percent of the oil and gas above the earth is developed in the ocean, and more than half of it is in the deep sea. With less and less energy available on the earth, the exploration of the deep sea is particularly important. But the look and pressure of the ocean’s depths are chilling.

There are always unexpected scenes hidden in the depths of the sea. How much pressure will there be when the sea bottom reaches 10000 meters? In fact, the pressure on the bottom of the sea will affect the life characteristics of marine organisms. Some divers saw squid, octopus, sperm whale and other large marine creatures in the sea with a depth of 1000 meters. They all have one thing in common, almost all of them grow horizontally, and their bodies seem to be flattened. According to calculation, the water pressure of 10000 meters under the sea reaches 1 ton, which is intolerable to ordinary people. Once entering this depth, people will be crushed, which also explains why divers are fully equipped when they go into the water.


The deepest seabed in the world is deep in the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench, with a maximum depth of 11000 meters, which is the deepest known ocean. It is completely dark, with low temperature, high water pressure and lack of food. Therefore, it has become one of the worst waters on earth. People’s exploration of extraterrestrial civilization is progressing by leaps and bounds, but the exploration of the deep ocean is still in place. We can’t help but wonder whether there is life in the completely dark environment?


Recently, some overseas scientists said that according to the current human technology, it is impossible to reach the bottom of the sea at all. They can only wander several thousand meters under the water, and tens of thousands of meters are out of reach. If there is life in that deep place, it’s either a monster or an alien!

We all know that the most terrible thing in the deep sea is not the darkness of the environment, but the high pressure. The pressure intensity at the depth of 10000 meters is no less than that on the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. In such a special environment, even if a giant elephant rashly enters, it will turn into a pool of blood in 0.001 seconds, which shows the horror of high pressure!


So, if there are creatures living in the depths of the sea, it’s either aliens or sea monsters. Although humans can use detectors to help explore the deep sea, there are always some giant monsters on the sea floor who can evade human detection instruments with their own abilities. These monsters are generally large enough to resist strong water pressure, have sensitive ears, and have sharp teeth for foraging and fighting against other creatures.


Scientists can’t explain why these monsters exist in the deep sea. They may be a civilization that existed in the age of dinosaurs. They have been left to the present and survive on the bottom of the sea.

There is another way of saying that some scientists believe that aliens may also exist in the deep sea. For aliens who have been civilized for tens of thousands of years, it is not difficult to create a super flying saucer that can resist strong pressure, and perhaps the survival of the seabed can make it more convenient for them to investigate and study the earth.


In fact, we don’t know much about the ocean. There are many secrets waiting to be discovered in the depths of the sea. Perhaps even deeper, there are secrets about the origin of human beings. However, these mysteries can only be solved when human technology reaches its peak.


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