What is the shape of the earth? NASA sent back photos, subverting past knowledge!

What is the shape of the earth? NASA sent back photos, subverting past knowledge!


If Jupiter had not been the only planet in the universe to protect the earth, it would have been the only one to protect the earth. With the evolution of the universe for hundreds of millions of years, perhaps those prehistoric civilizations have turned into dust and buried in the long river of history.


Since human beings have the opportunity to go out of the earth and go to the wider outer space, they have never given up looking for new life. However, up to now, there is still no news. In fact, human understanding of the earth is only superficial. Scientists have been discussing the shape of the earth for a long time. Many people think that the earth is a huge sphere, and no one can give exact scientific basis. This view has lasted for thousands of years, and no one has questioned and broken it. What is the shape of the earth? NASA sent back photos, subverting past knowledge!


There was once a famous explorer who traveled around the world for three years and finally returned to Europe. During this voyage, he almost broke the original theory of horizon, and the theory of earth circle began to prevail because of the limited science and technology at that time. Everyone has their own opinions, and no one can break this conclusion.


With the development of space technology, NASA has captured the real image of the earth by satellite. In this image, the earth is a blue planet, which keeps rotating in the universe, so that people have a deeper understanding of the earth. It turns out that the earth is so small in the whole vast universe, and it once again understands the appearance of the earth, providing more scientific basis . Under the precise calculation of scientists, the real shape of the earth is given. The two ends of the earth are flat, and there is a little bulge in the middle, which is more like an irregular ellipsoid.


Due to the influence of various aspects, the earth in the eyes of human beings may not be its true appearance. We can only infer its appearance from some details. As for whether it is a regular sphere or an unknown number, the theory of horizon and the theory of earth circle is the focus of controversy in the scientific community. It may be people’s conjecture about the shape of the earth, or the reality of the earth The earth’s appearance has deviated from the orbit completely. No matter what the result is, it has stimulated the power of human exploration. As long as we persevere, we will be able to uncover the true appearance of the earth one day.


Although human beings don’t know much about the earth, they know it through practice. Everyone is curious about it. With the further development of science and technology, these unsolved mysteries will be revealed one by one. At that time, not only the shape of the earth, but also the existence of other life outside the universe will be revealed one by one. What’s the shape of the earth in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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