What is the significance of human existence in the universe? The answer can be frightening

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When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they really understand how ignorant human cognition was in the past. At that time, human beings were a group of frogs at the bottom of the well relative to the universe. We stood on the earth and always looked at the sky from the bottom of the well. We didn’t know how big the sky was or how big the universe was.


Only when we really stand outside the earth, can we know that the earth is so small and human beings are so small. At this time, many people can’t help thinking of a question: what is the significance of human existence in the universe? Before human beings walked out of the earth, scientists studied and explored millions of organisms on the whole earth and found that only human beings are intelligent life.

When human beings go out of the earth, scientists have been looking for extraterrestrial life and even extraterrestrial civilization. However, what disappoints people is that up to now, more than half a century has passed, we have not found any trace of extraterrestrial life and civilization.

Is there no other alien civilization in the universe? Is human being the only intelligent civilization in the universe? If someone raises such a question, maybe many people will say that this is the cognition of frog in the well. How can there be only human civilization in such a vast universe? If there are other civilizations in the universe, why don’t we find anything? Are they, like human beings, too backward in science and technology to explore interstellar navigation?


I believe many people know the famous “Fermi paradox”. Fermi thinks that human beings have not met other civilizations, which is a “paradox” in itself. We have no way to explain why alien civilizations have not appeared? From the perspective of the universe, if alien civilizations exist, their scientific and technological strength may far surpass that of human beings.

As we all know, the age of the universe is about 13.8 billion years. In such a long time, countless galaxies and planets have been formed. Among them, planets like the earth in the habitable zone are believed to be too many to be counted. If there are alien civilizations in the universe, then the time of their birth and development must also be different. Some alien civilizations may have appeared tens of millions of years earlier than human beings, and it is very normal that they have appeared hundreds of millions of years earlier.


Just imagine, if we give human beings tens of millions of years to develop, how powerful will human science and technology be? I believe everyone can understand that at that time, human beings were probably already a powerful interstellar civilization, able to cross the interstellar exploration. Now in our eyes, the cosmic distance that we can’t cross is nothing in front of human science and technology in the future.

Since human beings can use tens of millions of years to achieve the strength of the universe, then other civilizations in the universe can naturally do the same. If this is the case, then it is natural for alien civilizations to cross the interstellar space and come to the solar system, earth and contact with human beings. But now the situation is that no alien civilization has come to earth to contact us.

In our exploration of extraterrestrial civilization, the earth is the only planet of life, and human beings are the only civilization. Are we not surprised at the result? That’s what Fermi was puzzled about, and that’s what many of his friends were puzzled about. Under this unreasonable doubt, some people have put forward various conjectures about the existence of human beings, one of which is the “zoo theory”.


I believe many science enthusiasts have heard of the “zoo theory”, which refers to the experimental product of human advanced civilization. Not only human beings, but also the whole earth and the whole solar system may be a laboratory of advanced civilization. As we all know, in human society, scientists will also set up closed ecological reserves to confine all kinds of animals to a limited range and conduct all kinds of research and observation.

When a civilization becomes an interstellar civilization, the study and exploration of the mysteries of life will not be limited to one planet, but to the universe. It is possible for advanced civilizations to sow the seeds of life on a livable planet, and then establish a closed ecosystem to observe the evolution of life on the planet. Some people may think that it is a must for advanced civilizations to divide the solar system into experimental areas.


But if we think a little more boldly, you will find another world, that is to divide the whole galaxy into an experimental area. Maybe someone will say that. How is that possible? You know, the diameter of the Milky way is 100000 light-years. Maybe in human cognition, the range of 100000 light-years is a distance that we can’t imagine and cross.

However, in the eyes of advanced civilizations, the distance between the stars is nothing at all. In their eyes, the Milky way is just a dusty area. Because from the perspective of the universe, the Milky way is really just a small area. It’s not too amazing to protect the Milky way and operate in an experimental area.

If the galaxy becomes the experimental area of advanced civilization, and human beings are the most important experimental objects in this experimental area, then we can not find any alien civilization, and we can understand it well. If we want to break this cage and go out, we can only rely on science and technology. As long as we become an interstellar civilization, we can naturally go out of the galaxy and see a broader space.


Maybe there is only one civilization in the galaxy, but outside the galaxy, there are so many living planets, and alien civilizations are flourishing everywhere. Of course, it’s just a guess of people. Scientists need to constantly explore and study the facts.

If the significance of human existence in the universe is only an experiment of advanced civilization, I believe everyone will be afraid. It’s just that this kind of fear doesn’t help us. If this is the case, then every move of human beings may be monitored by advanced civilization.


In addition to the above conjecture, some scientists have also proposed virtual cosmology, parallel cosmology, and multiple cosmology. The existence of any one of them subverts our cognition. At present, no one can give an answer to which is the truth. To solve these mysteries, we have to rely on constantly powerful technology.

No matter what the meaning of human existence in the universe is, we can only adapt to it. To solve the final mystery and let us understand the meaning of human existence, we need powerful scientific and technological forces. As long as human beings continue to develop science and technology and give us enough time, all the mysteries of the universe will be revealed by us. At that time, there will be no secret of the existence of the universe, and human beings will understand what their meaning in the universe is.

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