What is the significance of human existence in the universe? There may be an answer that scares people

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13.8 billion years ago, a mysterious substance appeared in some unknown place. This substance is infinitely large in mass, infinitely small in volume, and contains infinite energy. All of a sudden, this mysterious substance had a big explosion. The energy released in the big explosion began to transform into various basic elements. At the same time, the space after the explosion began to expand rapidly, and its expansion speed was far faster than the speed of light.

I believe many people have thought that this is actually the big bang theory in the scientific community’s conjecture, and the mysterious matter is the singularity. No matter what the origin of the universe is, the fact that it appears is true. After the big bang, countless celestial bodies, galaxies and other laws and things have been formed in the long years.


Among many things, the birth of life is the most magical and mysterious. The earth is a planet of life in the universe. Although it is small and not even dust, it gave birth to life and intelligent human beings millions of years ago. The birth of human makes the earth an ordinary planet, which has become an extraordinary existence in the universe.

Since the birth of human beings, we have been constantly observing and studying the world. Especially when human beings enter the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, we finally walk out of the earth and see the vast universe. When we walked out of the earth, we were shocked by the vast universe. At that time, everyone expected that human beings could travel all over the universe one day and explore all the mysteries of the universe.

In addition to the exploration of the universe, people are still thinking about a question: is there any intelligent civilization like human beings in the vast universe? In many people’s minds, extraterrestrial civilization probably exists, so scientists started the extraterrestrial civilization exploration program half a century ago. But more than half a century has passed, and we haven’t even seen Mao of alien civilization.


At this time, some people questioned the existence of alien civilization, such as the famous Fermi paradox. This theory holds that since alien civilization exists, and their civilization strength may far exceed that of human beings, they have the ability of interstellar navigation. If alien civilization exists, it is normal that it was born millions, tens or even hundreds of millions of years earlier than human civilization.

If the scientific and technological strength of alien civilization is tens of thousands of years more advanced than that of human beings, then the strength of alien civilization may have already discovered the earth, but why did they not cross the interstellar to the solar system to contact with human beings? It’s a bit too illogical. So some people think that there may be only one civilization in the vast universe.

If there is only one civilization in the universe, what is the significance of human existence in the universe? There may be an answer that scares people. Some people may think that it is absurd that there is only one civilization in the universe, but this possibility is not entirely absent. If human is the only civilization in the universe, then human’s understanding of the universe must have its extraordinary significance.


As we all know, there are countless planets in the vast universe. For example, there are eight planets in the solar system, but the earth is very special, because it is a planet of life, rich in species, and intelligent human beings. It is precisely because of the birth of human beings that the earth has changed from an ordinary planet of life to an extraordinary planet of wisdom and civilization.

Scientists have also observed thousands of exoplanets, but have not found a second planet like earth. It can be seen that beautiful ecological planets like the earth are very rare in the universe, and may even be unique. Thus, the significance of human beings to the earth is extraordinary. It is the birth of human beings that makes the earth the only one in the universe.

In the same way, if the universe we live in has only human civilization, then the significance of human beings to the universe is extraordinary. Maybe in the eyes of many people, the universe is so vast that we can’t imagine it. The reason for this recognition is that human science and technology are still very backward, unable to explore the whole universe.


This is just like our ancestors’ cognition of the earth. At that time, we also thought that the earth was vast and vast, and we couldn’t see the edge at a glance. However, when we enter the era of science and technology, we know that the earth is only a very small planet, which is as small as dust in front of the universe. In the same way, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, our understanding of the universe will not continue to improve. It is possible that in the future, the universe will also exist in front of us.

Therefore, it is possible that there is only one human civilization in the universe. Of course, this is an ideal scenario in our conjecture, and there is another answer that scares people, that is, the universe may not be the only one. I believe many people know that scientists have put forward the multi cosmology theory, which holds that there is a more vast space outside our universe, in which there are countless kinds of universes.

If the pluralistic cosmology is correct, there will be different civilizations in different universes. And in those very old universes, the strength of civilization may exceed our imagination. I believe many people know that the end of science is theology. And God is omnipotent, can create all things, create the universe, create life.


If the end of science is the same as that of God, then the powerful civilization that has developed to the end may also have the same ability as God, that is, to create the universe, life and all things. Therefore, the origin of our universe may have been created by human beings and other ancient super civilizations, and the purpose may be to carry out some scientific experiments.

I believe many people have heard of the laboratory theory. Among the conjectures about alien civilization, some scientists suspect that the earth or the solar system may be a laboratory for alien civilization, and earth life and human beings are the experimental objects. If the laboratory theory is correct, is there a possibility that the whole universe may also be a laboratory?

This possibility is not entirely absent. If there is only one civilization in our universe, then this possibility is very high. You know, for a super civilization, the goal of building a laboratory is to study, whether it is the evolution of the universe or the evolution of life. In this laboratory, only one intelligent civilization planet may be allowed to exist.


Of course, this is just our guess. I believe that no one can give an answer to the truth. To solve these mysteries, we have to work hard to develop science and technology and constantly jump out of the shackles one by one. At present, we are just out of the bondage of the earth, not out of the bondage of the solar system.

In the future, human beings will jump out of the bondage of the solar system and the universe. If there is such a day, then human beings may also develop to the end of science. At that time, human beings also exist like gods and can also build a cosmic laboratory.

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