What is the significance of mosquito existence? If all are destroyed, the ecosystem will lose its balance!

What is the significance of mosquito existence? If all are destroyed, the ecosystem will lose its balance!


There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is understood that many people like spring and autumn. After all, the temperature is suitable and everything recovers. Summer and winter are not so pleasant. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold. Especially in summer, the presence of many mosquitoes, buzzing sound is very irritating.


When they sleep, they will continue to suck your blood, and the place they bite will feel itchy. Therefore, many people hate mosquitoes very much, either slap them with their hands or kill them with mosquito repellent. However, mosquitoes have strong reproductive capacity. No matter what you do, they still buzz in your ears at night. In the eyes of human beings, mosquitoes all look the same. According to the exploration of scientists, there are almost 370 kinds of mosquitoes in China. These mosquitoes are mainly small and small, and they are very irritated by human beings. What is the significance of mosquito existence? If all are destroyed, the ecosystem will lose its balance!


In fact, mosquitoes are also carriers of diseases. Many mosquitoes pass the virus to other people by biting people. Mosquitoes that need human blood will carry the virus to the next person to complete the transmission of diseases. Although the mosquito is a member of the biological world, many people want to eliminate it completely. In the past thousands of years, mosquitoes are the most lethal animal to human beings, and harm tens of millions of people by spreading diseases. It can not only destroy cities and towns, but also cause economic losses to a place. Can mosquitoes be eliminated completely?


If humans want to eliminate mosquitoes, it is a very difficult thing. After all, they have a large population and amazing reproductive capacity. Human beings have been fighting with mosquitoes for many years, trying to eliminate mosquitoes through a variety of synthetic insecticides. Unfortunately, this method is not perfect. It will not only harm other organisms, but also mosquitoes will not be eliminated. Moreover, the migration ability of mosquitoes is also very strong. Even if the habitat is destroyed by human beings, they can quickly move to other places, so human beings are very happy It’s hard to drive mosquitoes out of the human environment.


Mosquitoes are also one of the most important members of the ecosystem. They act as insect predators. If mosquitoes really disappear, it will lead to the death of many fish and birds that feed on mosquitoes, resulting in a series of chain reactions, and the ecosystem will also be damaged. When birds migrate to the north, they will retain abundant resources. They will eat mosquitoes for a long time. If mosquitoes are extinct, they will starve to death.


Mosquitoes have both advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible for human beings to completely eliminate them. They can only try their best to drive away the mosquitoes around them. At present, scientists are also having a headache. They are trying their best to find a new technology that can control the growth rate of mosquitoes. Although it has no fatal harm to human beings, it has been buzzing in human ears for a long time, which is extremely irritating. How do you understand mosquitoes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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