What is the status of human beings in the cosmic civilization? Is it the most backward intellectual civilization?

Millions of years ago, after billions of years of evolution, life on earth finally gave birth to intelligent human beings. After the birth of human beings, they are full of curiosity and desire to explore all kinds of things in the world. It is this kind of curiosity and desire to explore that the ancestors of modern human beings, Homo sapiens Africans, came out of stable Africa and spread to all parts of the world tens of thousands of years ago.

In addition to being curious about all kinds of things on earth, our ancestors were also full of stronger cognitive desire for the starry sky overhead. The ancestors of ancient times also thought about the sun, moon and stars in the sky after leisure?


Most of the ancient ancestors, due to lack of more knowledge, linked everything in the sky with God, so there were various myths and legends. However, a few ancient people doubted it and thought that there should be another world outside the sky. So he recorded what he thought and guessed for future generations to continue to explore and study. This is also the earliest interest of human ancestors in the universe.

As human beings enter the era of civilization, their understanding of the universe is also constantly improving, especially after entering the era of science and technology. With the help of science and technology, human beings finally walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe. At this time, we initially uncovered the tip of the iceberg of the mysterious universe.

A few wise people in ancient times speculated that there might be other worlds outside the sky. Since there are other worlds, there must be other intelligent lives. In the eyes of modern people, they are all alien civilizations. In the eyes of ancient people, they may be gods. Therefore, whether ordinary people or wise people in ancient times, their cognition of alien civilization is called by God.


Since ancient ancestors can think that there may be other intelligent civilizations in the world beyond the sky, then we are also very interested in alien civilizations in the era of science and technology. Especially after human beings go out of the earth, exploring the existence of alien civilization has become an important space exploration task.

Scientists started the “Ozma project” in 1960 with the aim of searching for alien civilizations. In order to search for extraterrestrial civilization, scientists have used various methods, such as the launch of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, both of which are carrying kingdees that record information about the earth and human beings. In addition to using Voyager to explore alien civilization, scientists also search for possible alien civilization signals in the universe and the way that we actively send human wireless signals to the universe.


Although scientists have tried all kinds of methods to search for alien civilization, but more than half a century has passed, until now, we have not found any trace of alien civilization. Does it mean that there is only one civilization in the universe? If you think so, it’s no different from a frog in a well.

Scientists also firmly believe in the existence of alien civilization. After all, the universe is too big for us to imagine. Karl Sagan once said, “the universe is so big, if there are only human beings, it would not be a waste of space.”. There are countless planets in the universe, if only the earth gave birth to life, it is obviously unconvincing. What’s more, the existence of the earth and human beings is actually the most powerful evidence of the existence of other life planets and intelligent civilizations in the universe.

If there is no other living planet and intelligent civilization in the universe, it means that the earth and human beings should not exist, and now the earth and human beings exist, which also strongly proves the existence of alien civilization. If alien civilizations exist, why can’t we find them? The biggest reason is that the strength of human civilization is still very weak.


Because of the backwardness of human science and technology, we can’t really find the trace of alien civilization, so some people speculate that human may be the most backward civilization in the universe. Is this really the case? Some people once suspected that human beings might be the most powerful civilization in the universe. In fact, if you think about it carefully, the possibility is almost zero.

Human beings cannot be the most powerful civilization in the universe because the universe was born 13.7 billion years ago. According to modern cosmology, the universe originated from the singularity big bang 13.7 billion years ago. After the big bang, the universe evolved for hundreds of millions of years and finally stabilized.


When the universe is stable, life will have the conditions to be born. In the habitable zone of every stellar system, the ecological planet that is in line with the birth of life is likely to be born. The earliest living planets in the universe may also have been born at this time, about 13 billion years ago.

In different periods of time, there will be the birth of a planet of life, and there will also be the birth of intelligent civilization. The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and early life was born 4 billion years ago. It can be seen that the time difference between the earth and the earliest living planet in the universe is more than 10 billion years. In addition to this huge time gap, how can human beings be the most powerful civilization in the universe? There are many civilizations that developed tens of thousands, millions, hundreds of millions of years earlier than human beings. I believe there are many in the universe.

If human beings are not the most powerful civilization in the universe, will they be the most backward civilization? In fact, the possibility is very small. There are countless earth like planets in the vast universe, and it is believed that there are many living planets born at the same time as the earth. Some of these living planets may later become civilized planets through continuous evolution.


Since the life planet born at the same time as the earth, the civilization that finally grows up will not have the same actual force. Some civilizations may be stronger than human beings, while others are weaker than human beings. However, those civilized planets born later than the earth are far less powerful than human beings.

Therefore, human beings will not be the most backward civilization in the universe. Even so, it is estimated that human beings’ position in the universe civilization will not be high. The reason is that the birth time of the earth is relatively late compared with many earth like planets. Scientists have observed hundreds of earth like planets through telescopes, including some ecological planets that are very similar to the earth.


These earth like planets, which are very similar to the earth, are older than the earth and were born much earlier than the earth. This shows that the earth belongs to a relatively young life planet in the universe. Therefore, human civilization in the big family of cosmic civilizations may also belong to a new civilization, a low-level civilization that has not really become strong.

According to the four levels of cosmic civilization that scientists have classified, human beings are not even the first level civilization, and can only count as the 0.7 level civilization at most. The weakness of civilization makes it impossible for us to cross the stars and explore other galaxies, so it’s normal that we can’t find alien civilization.

Before human beings become interstellar civilization, there may be only one way to find the trace of alien civilization, that is, alien civilization comes to the solar system to contact with human beings. However, at that time, it was difficult to say whether it was a blessing or a curse for human civilization. Perhaps in the eyes of advanced civilization, human beings were similar to ants, and perhaps even ants were not. Will humans have a fair conversation with ants? I believe it will not. Therefore, once the earth is discovered by advanced civilization, it may be a disaster for human beings.

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