What is the truth behind the extinction of dinosaurs 6500 years ago? Maybe it’s not a simple coincidence!

Was the extinction of dinosaurs 6500 years ago an accidental coincidence, or did it have its own destiny?


In the late Cretaceous period, dinosaurs dominated the earth. Its huge size, sensitive limbs, to create a body of ability, any creature will encounter it, will retreat, its deterrent force is very strong. Arguably, a creature as strong as it can’t go extinct. But it suddenly disappeared 65 million years ago, so its disappearance has become a big mystery in the history of biological evolution, and the reason for its extinction has been debated endlessly.


Dinosaur is a kind of creature without natural enemies. If it was not for the external threat, it could not have gone extinct, and it would not have been human today. How did it go extinct? The theory of meteorite impact is generally accepted by human beings, with nose and eyes. In 1980, scientists accidentally found traces left by space meteorites under the earth’s surface, which directly related to dinosaurs. Therefore, scientists initially determined that the main cause of dinosaur extinction was the impact of asteroids. Was the extinction of dinosaurs 6500 years ago an accidental coincidence, or did it have its own destiny?


Dinosaur extinction or asteroid impact


According to the meteorite remains found, it is estimated that the asteroid is about 10 kilometers in diameter. It made a direct impact towards the earth, causing an unprecedented disaster on the earth. Scientists use modern technology to simulate the impact of an asteroid on the earth. Although dinosaurs have very powerful skills, they can only sit quietly and wait for death in the face of this natural disaster. The meteorite falls from the sky and emits dazzling light. At the speed of 20 kilometers per second, a huge disaster swept by.


It passes through the earth’s atmosphere at the fastest speed, leading the dinosaurs to a road of no return. The waves suddenly hit, the earthquake also detonated, countless disasters erupted together, and the dinosaurs have no way back. Great changes have taken place in the earth’s environment. Plants can no longer carry out photosynthesis, and finally wither. Animals are homeless and have to worry about food and clothing every day. Even the living environment has changed.


Will humans follow the old path of dinosaurs?


It was this catastrophe that led to the outbreak of the fifth biological extinction. As a result, dinosaurs disappeared completely and ushered in the period of human domination of the earth. Human beings evolved step by step to get the present. It was not easy to get everything. If dinosaurs still exist on the earth in several extinction events, it is estimated that there will be no human today. How can human power compete with them? Standing in front of dinosaurs, humans are like a humble minion who can be trampled to death with one foot. In addition, if dinosaurs still exist on earth, large organisms or their food.


Any small event in history will have a great impact on future generations. This great change is unbearable for ordinary people. Although human beings are lucky to be the masters of the earth, they are so weak in front of nature. Human beings should be grateful. The development of science and technology has made human civilization mature enough. Obviously, this is an earth shaking miracle. At the same time, there is another question. How long can human beings survive on the earth? This is indeed a question worth pondering. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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