What is the ultimate goal of Voyager 1? Maybe you won’t think about it

With the help of science and technology, human beings realized their dream of flying to the sky and finally walked out of the earth to find that the universe is so vast, while the earth and human beings are so small. Facing the vast universe, we can’t help thinking: is human being lonely? Is it possible for other intelligent civilizations to exist in the universe?

For the speculation of alien civilization, I believe everyone has his own answer in his heart. Before we realize the vastness and mystery of the universe, many people have doubts about the existence of alien civilization, but when we really realize the vastness of the universe, this kind of doubt is less and less. The more we know about the universe, the less we doubt the existence of alien civilization.

Scientists are those who stand at the top of human science and naturally will not doubt the existence of alien civilization. So when human beings went out of the earth and began to explore the starry sky, they started the extraterrestrial civilization search program. To find alien civilization, scientists have come up with two methods: one is to search through astronomical telescopes, the other is to send interstellar probes to search.


So in 1977, scientists launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft. Their goal is to move out of the solar system and search for possible alien civilizations. So how did Voyager achieve the mission of searching for alien civilization? Other such search is a passive way. I believe many friends know that both voyager-1 and voyager-2 are carrying a gold record.

It’s like a time capsule, recording greetings and music in 55 human languages and 115 images (images of humans and planets in the solar system). The record hides a diamond phonograph needle, which means it can still be used even after a billion years. In addition, a piece of high-purity uranium 238 was placed on the record jacket, with a half-life of 4.17 billion years. More importantly, the record also marked the coordinates of the solar system through pulsars.

The expectation of scientists for Voyager spacecraft is to fly out of the solar system and be captured by an alien civilization. Then the alien civilization knows the existence of the earth and human beings through the golden record on the spacecraft, and comes to the earth to contact and communicate with human beings according to the coordinates left above.


Voyager 1 has been flying for 43 years. It is more than 22 billion kilometers away from the earth. This distance has already gone out of the top of the heliosphere and entered interstellar space. Of course, going out of the top of the heliosphere does not mean going out of the solar system.

As long as we get out of the Oort nebula, we can really get out of the solar system and enter the extrasolar interstellar space. If so, it would take about 17600 years for Voyager 1 to fly out of the solar system. Maybe a lot of people are very curious: what is the ultimate goal of Voyager 1? You know, even if Voyager one has no energy, it can still fly infinitely in interstellar space.

The universe is close to a vacuum space, especially after entering interstellar space, where the material density distribution is smaller, and the flight of the spacecraft is basically free from resistance. Coupled with the gravitational acceleration of various celestial bodies, the flight speed of Voyager 1 will be faster and faster in theory. So will it fly all the time? In fact, this possibility is very small, although the universe is very empty, but the danger is everywhere.


If travel just after 1 out of the solar system, bad luck by a wandering celestial body impact, then its journey is over. If voyager-1 is very lucky and has not encountered any impact in interstellar space, it will go further. When it passes through a certain star system, it may be pulled into the galaxy by the star’s gravity. At this time, its fate may become a satellite of a planet in the galaxy.

So is Voyager 1’s ultimate goal a star system near the solar system? Of course not, there may be another more fortunate situation, which is accelerated again by a very powerful force. As we all know, the universe is not a quiet space. Celestial body impact events and stellar explosion events happen all the time.

If voyager-1 is on the way, just passing through the area where a star has a super new explosion, the super strong explosion power at this time may add a strong acceleration to voyager-1. Or on its way to travel, when two neutron stars collide, it is possible to obtain a super strong acceleration.


Of course, to achieve such acceleration, it needs very bad luck. You know, whether it’s a supernova explosion or a neutron star collision, it’s very difficult for the objects around it to survive. Only when they are in a very lucky position can they be intact and gain an acceleration. If voyager-1 is so unlucky, once it gains such acceleration, the gravity of ordinary stars and other celestial bodies will not be able to pull it. Voyager one is likely to go all the way to near Yinxin.

Of course, the above situation is only our guess. In fact, Voyager 1 is more likely to stay in the solar system forever in the future. Many people may not understand this. In fact, this result is related to the continuous improvement of human’s understanding of the universe. With the continuous development of human space science and technology, the attitude towards alien civilization is also changing.

In the past, we were totally yearning for and curious about alien civilization, without considering the threat that alien civilization might pose to human beings. But Hawking has repeatedly warned mankind not to try to contact with alien civilization, which shows that alien civilization is not necessarily friendly. Before human beings are really strong, rash contact with alien civilization may bring terrible disaster to the earth and human civilization.


Voyager 1, however, carries human information and the coordinates of the earth. Once it leaves the solar system and is captured by alien civilization, it may attract a very powerful alien civilization to the earth. It is difficult to say whether it is a blessing or a curse for the earth and human civilization.

So now scientists are more worried about Voyager 1. With the current technology of human beings, we can’t recycle them. But it took Voyager 1 17600 years to leave the solar system. In this long period of time, human science and technology can achieve several major leaps. At that time, maybe we will catch up with Voyager spacecraft and recycle them, so that the earth will be less exposed.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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