What is the universe like? If the universe is a ring structure, will space-time shuttle be realized?

If you board a spaceship, and the space travel is long enough and fast enough, you haven’t bumped into another planet or star, and no black hole devours you, is it possible that you will return to the place where you started? Is the universe a ring structure?


We know very little about the universe. We don’t know how big it is. We don’t know where it comes from and what it will be like in the future.

For years, scientists thought the universe was flat, like a piece of paper. In this way, if you always travel in a straight path in the universe, you will only fly to infinity.


But a recent study of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) may break everything. The universe we think we know and the conjecture of its shape. If the universe is a ring, it means that space-time travel will be possible.


Before we talk about time travel, let’s make it clear in theory. Starting from Einstein’s theory of relativity, Einstein predicted that the universe could bend in different ways. This means that the universe can be flat, curved or closed.

And the most likely scenario is that the universe is flat, because it’s consistent with our current scientific understanding. But later, when researchers studied the cosmic microwave background, they found some strange things.


It’s not easy to figure out the shape of the universe. We’ve never sent a space probe to the extreme edge of the universe, and no spacecraft can fly so far.


And that’s where the cosmic microwave background works. It’s a kind of microwave radiation that’s all over the universe, and it’s something that’s survived a long time ago.

Because of its long existence, it is used as the main data source to explore the universe and the origin of the universe. By studying the cosmic microwave background, scientists can understand all kinds of information related to the universe.


Among all the missions of Planck satellite, one is to test the temperature in the cosmic microwave background, but the data brought back by this satellite is unexpected. The data show that the influence of gravity on the curvature of cosmic microwave background is beyond the expectation of researchers.


And this is not something that can be understood by existing physics. Maybe, our previous understanding of the shape of the universe is wrong. Maybe the universe is closed, like a huge, inflated balloon.

There’s a way to test this theory, even though it’s just a hypothesis, so please put on your helmet and fasten your seat belt. It’s going to be a long journey.


And by the way, to do that, you need to be immortal for billions of years and build a spaceship with a warp engine. With all this, you can start your journey to the universe.


This one-way trip will take you billions of years. If the universe is much bigger than we can observe, billions of years may only be enough for you to walk one-third of the way. But if the universe were a ring, it would be less than 15 billion light-years in diameter. You may also go back to your place of origin, which can strongly prove that the universe is indeed a ring, so it can also show that the physics we understand now does not apply to this.

Of course, Einstein once proposed that time and space are related, so if the universe is a circular space, then is it possible that time is also circular?


It’s possible. The universe may be reincarnated again and again, from the big bang to the collapse of the universe, which can explain how galaxies, stars and planets in the universe form.


And if we are in a space-time cycle of the universe, perhaps you can see a new galaxy is actually the rudiment of the Milky way.

This may not be the kind of space-time travel you expect. The most important thing is that the question of the shape of the universe will not affect you, the earth or even the entire galaxy.


Xiaobian thinks that this problem may just be that when we explore the universe, we want to explore the universe across a very long distance, leaving a glimmer of opportunity. If you really want to travel through time and space, it may take more than just changing the shape of the universe.


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