What is the world like after death? The painter painted an incredible scene after the car accident

Death is something everyone has to experience in the end. At least in terms of today’s science and technology, it’s not wrong. When it comes to death, most people are afraid. After all, life is so wonderful. Who is willing to give up?

If one day, human beings find that death is not the end, and they can still exist in the world with another kind of consciousness after death, what is the world like after death?


Since death is not the end, where will people go after death? What will you see?

There is a famous Polish painter named ziswaw Beksinski whose paintings are called the closest to the world after death.

At the beginning, beckhinsky studied photography and was very influential in the photography festival. When he was at his peak, he resolutely put down photography and changed to painting. He had never been in touch with painting, and even created a series of horror paintings, which he called “the return of hell”.


Why the sudden change?

It turned out that when he was still a photographer, beckhinsky had a traffic accident, which seriously injured his brain and made him unconscious for several months.


His family and attending doctor once thought that he couldn’t wake up, but unexpectedly, a miracle happened. Beckhinsky woke up and was in a good mental state.

After waking up, beckhinsky said that he saw another world. In order to keep the appearance of these worlds, he changed his behavior as a painter and drew what he saw and heard about the other world. It’s incredible to see these paintings.

These paintings are full of terrifying skeletons and scenes of hell, which make people feel awe and horror.


The scene after death can only be known by those who have experienced it. Xiaobian understands the real events of some people who have been returned on the line of death.

Event 1:


Xiao Ming (a pseudonym here) experienced a small car accident. It is recalled that he was empty at that time. At that moment, his mind was blank and empty. After a long time, he suddenly woke up when his skin touched the hot asphalt road. So he thinks that the world after death is nothing, everything no longer exists.

Event 2:

Zhang San (a pseudonym here) once suffered from a serious illness and was in a coma for a long time. According to his memory, when he was in a coma, he saw his dead friend come to him and then took him to another world.


And the guard of the gate to another world stopped him, said that his life was not over, let him go back. Then he heard his relatives calling his name, and then he woke up.

We haven’t experienced it, so we can’t empathize with it, so we are dubious and even hard to accept these statements.


Some psychologists believe that people’s feelings before death are just a kind of psychological hint, and some information hidden in the brain can’t be controlled and exposed.

What will people see after death? Xiaobian doesn’t want to go deep into it now. After all, birth, aging, illness and death will happen one day. It’s not too late to feel it when it’s that day. Cherish life and cherish the life in front of you.

When the time comes to see heaven or hell, or nothing, I will tell you when I have a chance. What do you want to say? Welcome to comment area!

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