What is the world outside the universe like? Look at the various conjectures of the scientific community and the opinions of Xiaobian

The universe has always been the pronoun of mystery. No one knows what is beyond the universe. One of the strangest space photos is the Eagle Nebula. The image itself shows the birth of a star from a gas cloud. However, after the picture was released on CNN, many netizens said that they saw a face in the picture of Eagle Nebula. When experts adjusted the color of the picture, they found that a large face really appeared in the nebula. Scientists have been unable to explain this phenomenon.

Where do galaxies come from? Scientists have two main theories about the formation of galaxies. First, the gases released by the big bang gathered together to form galaxies.

Second, the gas released in the big bang turned into stars and planets, which formed galaxies under the action of gravity. However, neither theory has been widely accepted.


Only recently have scientists been able to explain how stars and planets form. Now, scientists are turning their attention to a bigger mystery: where do galaxies come from? What we know now is that galaxies are not distributed in space by mistake, but exist in clusters, enjoying the reputation of “super cluster”.

The sun, the star in our solar system, is only one trillionth of the universe. There are eight planets in the sun. If you do a simple math problem, the number of planets in the universe may be eight times more than that of stars. Are some of these planets alive?

Is there another universe? This is a controversial issue. It has now been proved that the universe is multidimensional. As for the outside of the universe. At present, most people believe in the theory of membrane universe, which means that the universe we live in is like a cosmic membrane, which exists in another higher dimensional universe.


Others believe that there are infinitely many universes, each of which has its own law of operation; others believe that there is no evidence to prove the existence of other universes. This mystery may only be solved when we can go to another universe, but with the expansion of the universe, human beings will never find the answer.

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Whether there is life in the universe and whether there are aliens has always been a controversial topic. However, Xiaobian thinks that there must be life in the universe, and there are aliens and alien civilizations. The earth is just in the solar system, and the position of the solar system in the whole galaxy is just a very poor position. Frankly speaking, it is a very poor position. There are no resources, it is such a poor position But the birth of human civilization, it can be imagined, in the Milky Way near the center of those galaxies, those planets, how can they not exist alien civilization? Maybe their scientific and technological civilization is far higher than ours, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years or even more. Maybe the alien has already found and observed us, but our civilization level is too low, people are not interested at all, just record a file, know that there is an earth in this marginal barren place of the solar system, there is a race of lower civilization.


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