What kind of animal can ordinary human defeat with bare hands? Maybe the result is not ideal

The earth is a world of species rich life. In addition to intelligent life, there are more than millions of species. In essence, human beings belong to mammals, and mammals are the mainstream of the animal world, occupying an absolute advantage in the biological chain, just like dinosaurs were the mainstream organisms on Earth 65 million years ago.

Dinosaurs 65 million years ago were the absolute overlord of the earth. They dominated the earth for 160 million years. After the extinction of dinosaurs, mammals rose, and finally humans were born through evolution. Although dinosaurs and human beings were the dominators of the earth in different periods, they relied on different means to dominate the earth.


Dinosaurs rely on their strong physical strength to stand at the top of the food chain and become the overlord of the earth, while humans rely on developed wisdom to stand at the top of the food chain and become the new overlord of the earth. Human wisdom makes us understand teamwork and learn to manufacture and use tools. Especially after entering the era of science and technology, human beings have all kinds of powerful weapons. In front of these powerful weapons, no powerful beast can threaten us.

I believe many friends have been to the zoo. In the zoo, we see many powerful animals, such as tigers, monkeys and so on. These animals can be said to be below one person and above ten thousand animals. In the animal kingdom, they are the king at the top of the food chain, second only to human beings. Of course, we also know that if we fight unarmed, human beings can’t beat tigers and monkeys.

Some people may say that Wu Song beat a tiger with his bare hands? Actually, it’s just the plot in the novel. Have you ever heard of such a thing in the real world? If humans want to defeat the tiger without using weapons, unless the tiger itself is too hungry to have strength or seriously injured, in this case, humans will have a chance to defeat the tiger with bare hands.


Seeing this, a friend may have such an interesting question: if you are barehanded and do not use any tools, which animals can ordinary human beat at most? This question is very interesting. I believe many friends would like to know, as the overlord of the earth, where can human beings rank in the animal kingdom, relying entirely on their own physical strength?

If you think that human body strength is not the highest in the animal kingdom, and should also be able to rank in the middle, that’s a big mistake. In terms of physical strength alone, human beings do not rank high in the animal kingdom. In terms of body weight, human beings rank first in the animal kingdom, second only to elephants, bears, tigers, lions and other mammals.


But in terms of combat effectiveness, the ranking of human beings is relatively low, which may be at most middle and low. I believe many friends like to watch boxing matches. Players with different weights should be assigned to different groups in boxing matches. Two players with different weights are not allowed to fight. The reason is very simple, under normal circumstances, the size of the weight directly determines the size of the strength.

The same is true in the animal world. The heavier animals have stronger fighting power. The reason why elephants can be called the land overlord is that their weight far exceeds that of other animals. The weight of tigers and lions is much lower than that of elephants. So the tiger lion alone can’t beat the elephant at all, and the tiger lion can dominate the forest and grassland mainly because of its absolute weight advantage.

So can we beat an animal of our own weight with our bare hands? The answer is very difficult. Ordinary people can’t do it at all. Even the highly trained wrestlers can hardly defeat the beasts of their own weight, let alone the ordinary people.


For humans, if we want to beat wild animals with our bare hands, we can only choose animals that are lower in weight than us. So how much lower do we need to win? For ordinary people, the most we can hope to defeat is the beast equivalent to 40% of our weight. Why not even half? Is the human body so weak?

Although this result is very disappointing, it is true that the most we ordinary people can defeat is the beast equivalent to 40% of our body weight. What we see here is the most. In actual combat, even if the weight of some animals is one third or less of ours, we may not be able to defeat them, especially cats.


Cats are very familiar. Tigers, lions and so on belong to the cat family. These animals are very powerful, with sharp teeth, sharp claws and a very agile body. I believe many friends like to keep cats and dogs. If you have cats and dogs in your family, I believe you have seen cat and dog fighting.

If it’s in the open, hunting and fighting with dogs, who do you think will win? I believe a lot of friends will answer “cat”. Yes, don’t look at the dog’s weight is several times bigger than the cat, but when it comes to fighting, the dog can’t beat the cat. The weight of cats is usually about 8 kg, and some fat cats may reach 10 kg.

If the cat’s weight is not about 8 kg, but increases to about 20 kg, do you think humans can beat cats with their bare hands? It’s very difficult to estimate. It’s several times the weight of human beings, but we can’t beat a cat. This similar example has happened in reality, leopard is also a cat, the body is very agile.


In 1896, zoologist Carl Ackley was collecting animal specimens in Africa when he was accidentally attacked by a leopard. At the beginning, he wounded the leopard with a weapon, and then fought with his bare hands. Although he defeated the leopard with his weight advantage and strength, he also suffered a lot.

According to later records, the leopard’s weight was about 36 kg, while the zoologist’s weight was 80 kg. With such a huge proportion of weight and weapons, he finally defeated the leopard at the cost of injury. But if he had no weapons at that time, you can imagine what the consequences would be. At that time, the leopard might have defeated him.


Through the above examples and analysis, we can see that although human beings are the overlord of the earth and stand at the top of the food chain, we only rely on wisdom to dominate the earth. Without tools and weapons, it will be very difficult for us to survive in nature by our hands alone. From this, we can also see how difficult it was for human ancestors to survive at that time. No wonder they almost disappeared several times.

Human beings dominate the earth only by wisdom, which is obviously not in line with the identity of human hegemony. What we want is not only the complete crushing of wisdom, but also the absolute superiority of strength. Only in this way can human beings be regarded as the real overlord on the earth. Unfortunately, the natural weak heat of human body can not be realized by relying on the natural evolution of nature.

Fortunately, mankind has entered the era of science and technology, and has started the research and exploration of gene technology. With powerful gene technology, we can artificially optimize the gene, so that the human body has a strong power advantage. It is believed that in the near future, human beings will not need to bring tools or weapons to go to the wild. They can ignore the powerful wild animals with bare hands and easily fight tigers and lions with bare hands. We are looking forward to this beautiful tomorrow.

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