What kind of engine power technology would aliens use if they could come to earth across the stars?

When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, a question that countless people want to know appears: does alien civilization exist? Maybe before going out of the earth, many people will doubt the possibility of the existence of alien civilization. But when human beings go out of the earth and really see the vastness of the universe, they have already understood that there is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization.

In order to explore the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, scientists have adopted a variety of exploration methods, such as launching the interstellar probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which carry the Kingdee that records human beings and the earth. Once an extraterrestrial civilization captures Voyager, it can know the earth’s coordinates and human existence through this Kingdee, and then come to the earth to contact with human beings.

In addition to sending out detectors, scientists also search for earth like planets similar to the earth through astronomical telescopes, and search for extraterrestrial civilizations by searching for possible extraterrestrial civilization signals in the universe. So, is there any hope that these methods can find alien civilization? In fact, the hope is not to know the scope of the solar system, including the diameter of the Oort cloud, which has reached 2 light-years. At the speed of Voyager, it may take tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system.


Although astronomical telescopes can observe and find some earth like planets very similar to the earth, we are not sure whether there is life or civilization on them. As for the final search for alien civilization signals, it seems that the cloud has a great hope, but after careful analysis, we will find that the hope is very slim. The reason is very simple. If an alien civilization has entered the interstellar space, its interstellar communication technology may be completely different from that of human beings. Our exploration equipment may not recognize and receive such civilization signals at all.

If we really want to discover alien civilization, the most reliable way is that we can go out of the solar system and explore other galaxies. Only when we go out and can make close observation can we hope to find alien civilization. However, to achieve this goal, it is still too far away for human beings. Therefore, there is a shortcut to discover alien civilization, that is, to expect that alien civilization can come to earth and contact with human beings on its own initiative.

What kind of engine power technology would aliens use if they could come to earth across the stars? We all know that speed is always the king, whether on earth or in the universe. As long as we have super fast speed, we can travel all over the earth freely and cross star navigation can be realized. In order to achieve super fast speed, we can’t do without powerful engine power technology.

At present, the power engines used by human beings are mainly fossil fuels. The speed of such energy engines is limited. It’s OK to navigate a star or a small galaxy at this speed, but it’s impossible to explore other galaxies. You know, the vast universe takes light years as the basic unit. The nearest neighbor galaxy to the earth is 4.2 light years away. Even if it flies at the speed of light, it will take more than four years to reach it.


If the alien civilization can cross the interstellar to the earth, the speed of its spaceship may also reach the speed of light at the slowest. Some people may say, why not sublight? It is also possible to travel at sub light speed from the billing galaxy to earth. That’s true, but it takes a long time to fly at sub light speed.

If humans had mastered 1% of the speed of light technology, would we send a spaceship to the nearest billing Galaxy? It’s unlikely that we can reach Bilin at this speed, but it will take at least 400 years. This time is very short on the cosmic scale, but it is a relatively long time for human beings.

In the same way, if the alien civilization discovers that there may be intelligent civilization in the solar system, it will take them thousands of years to arrive at the speed of their spacecraft. Will it take them a long time to sail? It’s unlikely. Just like we can walk from China to Africa, it takes a long time to get there. Can someone do that? No


Therefore, if the alien civilization can cross the interstellar to the earth, they have at least mastered the speed of light engine technology. If it is a galaxy far away from the earth, we need to fly faster than light to get to the earth. What kind of power engine is this technology? Some people may think of space jumping, wormhole shuttling and so on in some science fiction works.

Space hopping and wormhole shuttling are too far away and too sci-fi for us. Scientists don’t know whether there is such a dynamic model. In addition to the existing scientific system, the most likely to be achieved is “anti gravity technology”.

Gravity is one of the four basic forces in the universe, but gravity is different from the other three forces. I believe many people know that electromagnetic force has positive and negative properties. In short, objects under electromagnetic force can attract and repel each other. I believe everyone is familiar with the attraction and repulsion of the magnetic field. The reason is that one of the two charges reverses (that is, positive becomes negative, or negative becomes positive), then repulsive force will be generated between the two charges.

The other two forces are also attractive and repulsive, but only gravitation does not seem to have the opposite property. Is this normal? Of course, it’s abnormal. Therefore, scientists believe that gravity may also have positive and negative properties. If gravity also produces repulsive force, how does this repulsive force come from?


We all know that objects with mass have gravity, which is Newton’s law of universal gravitation. The size of gravity is directly proportional to the mass of the object. In our cognition, the mass is positive, but if we can find negative mass, then we will find positive and negative gravity? In other words, as long as we find the matter with negative mass, we can realize the real anti gravity.

So does matter with negative mass really exist? Unfortunately, at present, scientists have not found this substance, but the good news is that they have found some phenomena in the experiment, which indicates the existence of this substance, which is the famous “Casimir effect”.

Scientists placed two very thin and smooth metal plates in parallel in vacuum and observed that the two plates tended to be close to each other. The smaller the distance between the two plates, the more obvious the trend was. This shows that the energy between the two plates is lower than that of vacuum.


It is generally believed that the energy of vacuum is zero, and the energy between the two metal plates is smaller than that of vacuum, which means that the energy between the two metal plates is negative, that is, the legendary negative energy. According to Einstein’s description, energy and mass can be converted to each other. That is to say, since there is such negative energy, matter with negative mass can also exist.

Theoretically, an object with zero mass can be easily accelerated to or even exceed the speed of light. If a positive mass substance with the same mass is combined with an anti mass substance, the mass of the object can be offset to zero. At this time, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, an object without mass can reach or even exceed the speed of light.

If the negative mass is larger than the positive mass, it will form negative energy, which may be the wormhole shuttle and space jump that scientists suspect. It can be seen that the discovery and research of anti gravity is very important for human beings, which may determine whether human beings can become the key to interstellar civilization.

However, it is still unknown whether there are natural negative mass objects in the vast universe. However, we have not found such negative mass objects in the existing observation range. Therefore, scientists speculate that if negative mass objects really exist, they may need to be created by means of science and technology.


At present, no alien civilization spacecraft has come to earth. There are only two possibilities. One possibility is that the earth has not been discovered by the alien civilization. Another possibility is that although the alien civilization has discovered the earth, it is far away, and there is no speed of light or superluminal flight technology, so it can not reach the earth in a short time.

It can be seen that the speed of light is an important barrier to enter the interstellar civilization and realize the trans interstellar navigation. Only when the speed of light is realized, can it be regarded as a real initial powerful civilization in the universe. We should know that the speed of light flight technology not only represents the improvement of speed quality, but also can achieve epoch-making progress in other aspects.

The speed of light flight is another important level. If the speed of light flight is realized, the strength of civilization will really enter the advanced civilization industry. Because flying faster than light to explore the entire galaxy is no longer a problem.


In order to achieve all this, anti gravity technology may be the key. I believe that as long as human beings continue to work hard, it will not be long before anti gravity technology can be initially realized. At that time, the speed of the spacecraft will be greatly improved and it will be free to explore every corner of the solar system.

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