What kind of mysterious life experience does Brazil’s two headed baby have

Maria, a 25-year-old woman, has three healthy children in rural areas of the northern Brazilian state of Parra.

When she was pregnant for the fourth time, because of the poor medical environment, she did not have a pregnancy examination. Once, because of severe abdominal pain, she gave birth to a pair of twins at the San Casa hospital in anayas, known as Brazil’s two headed babies.


When she was pregnant, Maria thought it would be twins, but she never thought it would be a two headed boy. Two heads, two spines, but only one body, weighing only 4.5 kg, looks very thin.

The boy was born with a physical deformity, which could have been found in time by prenatal examination at that time. Fortunately, many doctors were shocked to learn that the baby was healthy.

But what is frightening is that they share liver, heart and other organs, but they have two different names, Emmanuel and Gesus.


The father of the child not only did not feel disappointed and sad, but also showed unexpected excitement. Maybe they already have three normal children, and they think that this seemingly abnormal child is also very lovely.

The emergence of two headed babies in Brazil has aroused widespread concern in the society. After all, there are only a dozen cases of similar phenomenon in the whole country. Fortunately, the baby is in good health, in good condition, and does not need medical treatment.


And their parents and family share the same idea that they don’t want to separate them. In the past, there were some fake double headed babies in circuses to cheat customers, but now such real cases are rare. But now Brazil double headed baby life is very happy, treat life optimistic and cheerful, this is the most important.

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