What kind of power system does an alien spaceship that can cross the stars to the earth use?

Hundreds of years ago, mankind embarked on the road of industrial development, which led to the development of science and technology. After continuous efforts, we have reached the relatively developed scientific and technological civilization. What is the core of scientific and technological development? It’s energy.

If there is no development and application of energy, then human science and technology is at most on paper, can not be applied to practice. What energy brings is a powerful power system. As we all know, in ancient times, due to the lack of fast means of transportation, people went out basically by walking, and the fastest thing was not some carriages. At such a speed, they could not go farther, and naturally they could not go to every corner of the earth.


It is not until we enter the era of science and technology that we have more and more fast means of transportation. From the original bicycle to the present plane, the speed is faster and faster, and we can easily travel all over the earth. So what do these faster and faster means of transportation rely on? In fact, it is more and more powerful power system, and power system is inseparable from the efficient application of energy.

The powerful power system brought by energy enabled us to walk out of the earth in the middle of last century and begin to explore the universe. When we walk out of the earth, we will know how vast the universe is and how small the earth is. For the vast universe, the distance unit and speed unit used in the earth era are no longer applicable, so when we explore and study the universe, we have two new terms: light year and light speed.

One is the distance unit, the other is the speed unit. The speed of light is the distance that light travels for one year at the speed of 380000 kilometers per second. If it is counted as meters, it is a huge number. We need to look up to such distance and speed. Einstein put forward the famous theory of relativity, which tells us that the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. Even for massless photons and electromagnetic waves, they can only advance at the speed of light and cannot break through the speed of light.


The proposal of the speed limit theory of light makes us feel desperate. We should know that even if we fly at the speed of light, we can only explore the region near the solar system, and we can’t explore the entire galaxy, let alone the vast space. While people sigh about the vastness of the universe, they are constantly searching for the existence of alien civilization.

From the perspective of the vastness of the universe and the age of the universe of 13.8 billion years, it is difficult for us to rule out the possibility of the existence of alien civilization. In the view of scientists, there is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization. Although we have not observed any trace of alien civilization spacecraft in space, on earth, scientists have found some traces that may be related to alien civilization through exploration and research.


As we all know, the earth has a long life history of 3.8 billion years, and it has been millions of years since the birth of mankind. In ancient times, there were no words. At that time, if they wanted to record some important things to pass on to their descendants, they would record them by depicting them on the stone wall.

It is precisely because ancient humans recorded some important things on the stone wall that they have been able to survive for a long time. In a cave in India, scientists have discovered a mural left by human beings 10000 years ago. In this mural, there are not only ancient human beings, but also a thing doubting the spaceship, and two creatures doubting the spacesuit.

Scientists believe that this may be an evidence that an alien civilization visited the earth in ancient times. Of course, there is not only one such evidence, but also something suspected to be related to alien civilization has been found in some other places.


If there were alien civilizations that came to earth in ancient times, how did they come across the stars? If an alien civilization wants to cross the interstellar space to come to earth, it must take a spaceship. What kind of power system does such an alien spaceship use?

First of all, we have to rule out the possibility that these alien spaceships come from the solar system. After going out of the earth, human beings have been making various observations on the solar system. Through observation, it is found that there is no second intelligent civilization planet in the solar system besides the earth. Even scientists suspect that Venus and Mars may have been beautiful living planets long ago, but studies have found that even if they were once living planets, it was billions of years ago.


If the alien civilization does not come from the solar system, it can only come from other galaxies outside the solar system. The average distance between stars in the universe is more than a few light years, and the nearest star system is 4.2 light years away than the leading galaxy. This distance would take 400 years at 1% light speed and 40 years at 10% light speed.

This speed we call sub light speed, which is also a speed that is beyond human’s reach. So, is there any alien civilization in biling Galaxy? Scientists believe that the biling galaxy is a three-star system, and the possibility of the existence of a living planet is very small.

The earth like planets that we have observed and found are very similar to the earth. They are tens of light-years away from us, hundreds of light-years away, and thousands of light-years away. Such a distance, even at a speed infinitely close to the speed of light, will take hundreds or even thousands of years. If the alien civilization wants to visit the earth, it is unlikely that it will take such a long time. We should know that the environment of the universe is very harsh and complex, and it is very dangerous to travel between the stars for too long.


Therefore, the fact that alien civilizations can cross the interstellar space to come to the earth indicates that it may take them a very short time, and to achieve this, the speed of spaceships will exceed the speed of light. So is it really possible to fly faster than light? The answer is yes. Einstein’s general theory of relativity proposed the concept of space-time distortion. If there is distortion in space-time, theoretically speaking, it can fly faster than light.

And superluminal phenomenon does exist in the universe, the expansion speed of the universe exceeds the speed of light, so we have the concept of observable universe. In addition, scientists have also observed the superluminal phenomenon of some particles in the universe, which is caused by the distortion of space-time. The fact that alien spaceships can come to the earth indicates that they probably have mastered the superluminal technology, so what kind of power system is this technology applied to.


In fact, scientists have already put forward the concept of such a power system, that is, the warp speed engine. In fact, the principle of warp engine is not complicated. By expanding the space behind the spaceship and compressing the space in front of the spaceship, it produces a twisted space that rises back and shrinks back, forming a space bubble that envelops the spaceship.

This space bubble drives the spaceship to sail faster than light speed, which does not violate the theory of relativity, because in this state, the spaceship itself is stationary, while the spaceship that flies faster than light speed forward is this space bubble, which is similar to the surfing on the earth. When surfers surf on the sea, the surfboard and surfers themselves do not move, and they drive forward wave by wave The waves of the waves. The theoretical basis of warp engine is Einstein’s theory of relativity. The greater the degree of space distortion, the greater the superluminal speed of spacecraft.

Of course, the principle of warp speed engine is not complicated, but to achieve such a space bubble, it needs very powerful energy. Because the energy is not enough, we can’t really make the space greatly distorted. In fact, the reason why some particles in the universe can fly faster than the speed of light is that the space where they are is is bursting with powerful energy. Under the impact of powerful energy, the space is distorted, which drives the particles to exceed the speed of light. This is actually a kind of warp engine mode, which just happens naturally.


And we need more powerful level of energy to artificially create this kind of space bubble and realize the leap of space. It is not clear which level this energy belongs to. Maybe only after we achieve controllable nuclear fusion can we see if this energy can break space. If not, we need to explore higher level energy modes, such as antimatter energy, dark matter energy, etc.

Anyway, if the spaceships of alien civilization can come to the earth, it means that they have at least reached the level of nuclear fusion in the application of energy, and may have been able to use dark matter and dark energy. Of course, at present, mankind has not found any alien spaceships. It is still unknown whether the UFOs witnessed by people on earth are true or false, and whether they are alien civilization spaceships.

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