What kind of role does human play in the universe? May be manipulated by an invisible force

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Human beings were born on a small earth millions of years ago. In ancient times, people did not know that there was a vaster universe beyond the earth. In the eyes of the ancients, the earth is everything in the universe, the whole universe. The stars, the sun and the moon in the sky belong to the earth.


However, as mankind enters the era of civilization and the continuous development of civilization, people begin to realize that the stars we look up and see may be things outside the world. After 5000 years of civilization development, mankind has finally embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science, we finally understand that the earth is just a small planet in the vast universe.

With the help of science and technology, we soon realized flying, walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe. Before human beings went out of the universe, many people were full of curiosity about extraterrestrial life. They conjectured that since the earth can give birth to life and human beings, there should be life and even intelligent civilization on other planets.

However, when we stand in space and observe other planets in the solar system, we find that there is only one intelligent civilization in the whole solar system. Although it is impossible to completely rule out the existence of simple life on other planets, through the simplest planetary environment comparison, the possibility of the existence of life on other planets is very small.


In fact, when we compare the nine planets together, we can see from the appearance that the earth is as dazzling as a beautiful gem, while the other planets are dull. This may also be the unique style of a living planet like earth.

Human beings have been searching for extraterrestrial life for more than half a century, but so far, we have not found any trace of extraterrestrial life, even the simplest microorganisms. This situation makes us have to think: is there only one life planet, earth, and only one intelligent civilization, human?


Perhaps in the eyes of many people, the vast universe is too big to imagine. The current observable range of human beings alone is 93 billion light-years. In such a large range, there are countless stars, planets and earth like planets. From the perspective of the universe, it seems unreasonable to say that the earth is the only living planet and human beings are the only intelligent life.

But if we think about it carefully, this possibility may not exist. If human is the only intelligent civilization in the universe, what kind of role does human play in the universe? Someone once thought about the meaning of human existence? From the perspective of the earth, we will find that human beings are very important to the earth.

I believe many friends think that the earth is a rocky planet and a dead thing. However, in the 1960s, British atmospheric scientist James lovelaw and American biologist Margulis jointly put forward a hypothesis Gaia hypothesis.


In this hypothesis, Lovelock compares the earth to a self regulating living organism. In short, the earth may have Gaia consciousness, that is, a sense of wisdom. Maybe such a hypothesis is nonsense to many people. How could the earth be a conscious life?

But such a hypothesis has been supported by more and more scientists over time. In the process of studying the earth’s ecological history, scientists found that the earth is not simple. I believe many friends know that the asteroid impact on the Earth 65 million years ago caused the extinction of dinosaurs.


In many people’s eyes, asteroid impact can destroy the earth’s ecology, but in fact, the asteroid 65 million years ago in the history of the earth is nothing at all. At present, there are still many huge craters on the earth. The diameter of these craters is more than 100 kilometers. The friedburg crater has been formed for more than 2 billion years, and its diameter now reaches 380 kilometers. You should know that in the past 2 billion years, after constant sandstorm, the crater has been reduced a lot. We can imagine how huge the original crater was and how huge the asteroid that hit the earth was.

Many huge asteroid impacts on the earth have not completely destroyed the earth’s ecology, and finally can recover and continue the evolution of life. Thus, it can be seen how powerful the restoration ability of the earth’s ecology is, and the various manifestations of this natural ecology seem to be conscious. And human is born on the basis of the earth’s natural ecological environment.

If the earth is conscious, then it must be meaningful for human beings to be born. We think this meaning may be the Savior of the earth. In other words, the earth consciousness is to save the earth in the future and make the earth exist forever.


If we look at the vast universe again, will the universe have its own consciousness? Will it also be a huge living thing? The birth of the earth is inseparable from the cosmic environment, and human beings are also born under various conditions of the universe. If the universe is conscious, then the birth of earth and human beings may also be controlled by it.

And the human role in the universe may also be the Savior, saving the future universe. All things with self-consciousness don’t want to be destroyed and disappear in the future. This is true of the earth and the universe. Whether it’s the planet or the universe, under normal circumstances, it will be destroyed in the future. And what makes them immortal is science standing on top of the universe.


Science is superior to the universe. Only the power of science can save the earth and the universe. The only one who can master the power of science is wisdom and civilization. Perhaps human beings are the only intelligent civilization born under the arrangement of the universe. Of course, these are only our conjectures. To prove the correctness of this conjecture, we must first understand whether human beings are the only intelligent civilization in this universe.

If in the future, we find that there are a lot of intelligent civilizations in the universe, then this conjecture is not tenable. But if it is found that there is only one civilization in the universe in the future, the accuracy of this conjecture will be very high. If the final result is really what, mankind is an intelligent civilization arranged by the universal consciousness to save the universe, then the burden of human civilization will be even heavier. Perhaps only when we grasp the ultimate power of science can we really save the universe.

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