What kind of situation will you face when crossing the earth in different periods? Just look at it

Looking at our earth from space, it is a blue planet full of liquid water and covered with green plants, but you know what? This is not what the earth was like in the first place. Next, Xiaobian will take you to ride the “human” space shuttle to go back to the past and see what the earth looked like before. Are you ready to cross the earth at different times?

The earth 4.6 billion years ago


The firepower was a little fierce. It suddenly ran to 4.6 billion years ago, when the earth was just born. It was a mass of gas and dust condensed due to its own gravity. In other words, it was a mass of space garbage.

At this time, the earth is a “lava planet”, the surface temperature is as high as two or three thousand degrees Celsius, there is no surface, there is no atmosphere, the environment is as bad as hell, so at this time to all the earth you are very dangerous, escape!

The earth 3.8 billion years ago


The next stop is to go back to 3.8 billion years ago, when the earth had only six hours a day. Because the earth and the moon are too close, meteorites and asteroids bombard the earth continuously. If you are not lucky, a meteor will hit you or fly over your head to cook you.

Moreover, at this time, the earth’s crust was just forming, geological activities were very frequent, most of the surface began to be covered by primitive oceans, and the oxygen content in the atmosphere was still very low, which was still not suitable for biological survival.


The earth 2.4 billion years ago

Next, 2.4 billion years ago, the land rose rapidly from the ocean and changed the face of the earth. At this time, the “great hero” of mankind, cyanobacteria, has appeared. They feed on the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and their exhaust gas, oxygen, has poisoned the indigenous anaerobic organisms on the earth.

This period is not very friendly to you, because there is only 4% oxygen in the atmosphere, but you can only adapt to an environment where the oxygen content is about 21%, and eating is also a big problem. At present, the only food on the earth is algae, but they contain algal toxins, which are one of the most powerful neurotoxins in the natural world. If you eat them, you will suffocate and die. If you don’t eat them, you will starve.


The earth 500 million years ago

This spaceship stayed 500 million years ago. If you landed in the sea unfortunately, you without shell would be as delicious as roast suckling pig to the big fish in the sea.


At this time, ozone has not yet formed, so you have to take SPF 250 or above, industrial grade sunscreen to resist ultraviolet rays. If you don’t wear sunglasses, UV rays can burn through your cornea in 15 minutes.

The earth 300 million years ago

At this station, 300 million years ago, the oxygen content of the earth in this period was about 35%, which is about twice that of today. So here you can see two meter long centipedes, one meter long scorpions and half meter high ants. The earth in this period is too dangerous.


The earth 200 million years ago

This time, let’s go 200 million years ago and say hello to dinosaurs. Flying in the sky is the top predator pterosaurs, their wings spread as long as 12 meters. If you are found by them in an open field, there is almost no escape.


Floating in the sea are some giant sea monsters, such as ichthyosaurs more than 20 meters long, plesiosaurs 17 meters large, any of which can scare you to death.

The earth 3.2 million years ago

3.2 million years ago, this was Lucy’s time. She was the ancestor of Homo sapiens. They had come down from the tree. But this is not good for you, because early humans might have shot you. Although Lucy is shorter than you, she is much stronger than you. Your appearance should make them have a good meal.


Well, how do you feel about these six periods of earth travel? Welcome to the comments area to leave the feeling of traveling around the earth!

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