What limits the brain? The human brain is only 10% developed. How about 100% development?

Have you seen the movie super body? The protagonist of the film, Scarlett Johnson, accidentally developed her brain to 100% through drugs, becoming a superhero. The brain development level of ordinary people is only about 10%. What will happen if the brain develops to 100%? From this movie, we can see that the overdevelopment of human brain is actually terrible. Scientists also pointed out that the brain is the most complex organ, and it is also very terrible, because the brain has many potential processes.

1、 The total length of blood vessels in the human brain is 16 kilometers


There are as many nerve cells in the human brain as there are stars in the Milky way. They are made up of 100 billion nerve cells. The brain accounts for only 2% of the total body weight, and the blood vessels in the brain are 16 kilometers long. Surprisingly, it is because of the length of the blood vessels in the brain that about 17% of the energy and 20% of the oxygen are consumed. In the early morning, the energy produced by the brain can light up the light bulb. There are more than 100 trillion synapses connecting nerve cells in the brain. Water and fat account for 75% and 60% of the brain space respectively, and the brain can store up to 1000 TB of data, which is the size of five encyclopedias Britannica.

2、 Neurons in the brain sometimes fight each other

What is the role of autophagy? In fact, this means that cells use enzymes to break down parts of the body. This means that when this happens, nerve cells are starving in the brain! They maintain their energy by breaking down part of their energy, which reminds you that it’s time to eat. People who rely on this method to maintain their physical strength will have symptoms of anorexia or overeating, which is very dangerous. But scientists have found that this phenomenon may control obesity and diabetes.


3、 What happens when the human brain reaches 100%

In fact, the human brain is terrible. The development of human brain is less than 10%. In fact, other people are in a dormant state. Some experts even think that the human brain is only 1% active, and the development of human brain is less than 95%. So what happens if our brains go from 10% to 100%?


At 10%, we may have experienced something we never imagined. Increase 20%, you can explore and control the body, more flexible than before, you can feel the depth of memory, you can also spy on other people’s memory, no pain, no emotion. At 40%, you can initially control other people’s bodies, as well as magnetic fields and radio waves. Up to 50% of the time, you have total control over other people’s bodies and everything around you. In 70% – 80% of cases, you can make substances. At 90%, you can control your time. If you reach 99%, you can explore the birth of the universe and the unknown mysteries, understand and master everything. If you can be 100% perfect, it’s no exaggeration to say that you are just like God.

4、 The human brain is equivalent to a quantum computer

Quantum computer is a kind of high-speed mathematical and logical operations, according to the laws of quantum mechanics, storage and processing of quantum information physical equipment. To some extent, our world is made up of quantum, that is to say, the human brain can run at super high speed, just like the quantum computer. Fisher once put forward a hypothesis, which was ridiculed by many people at that time and regarded as nonsense. In the late 1980s, a man named Roger proposed a protein structure, namely “microtubule”, which uses quantum effect to play a role in human consciousness, but the result proved that his view was wrong. Fisher put forward this hypothesis: the human brain is equivalent to a quantum computer, which was not accepted at that time, but later proved to be true. We can see that the human brain is really terrible.


5、 The brain changes all the time

Maybe the really scary thing about the brain is that it’s changed in our short lives by what’s called neurogenesis. Since we were born, our brain has been producing tens of thousands of new nerve cells. At the age of 80 or 90, although there are as many as at the age of 45, the difference is that the conduction speed is slower.


In addition, our brain may be at risk of suffering from a certain kind of nervous system disease, and there will be more than 25 kinds of specific diseases under the joint action of specific time, specific genetic genes and environment.

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