What power supports the unidentified objects in the sky? Maybe we misunderstood that it has no engine!

What power supports the unidentified objects in the sky? Maybe we misunderstood that it has no engine!


In ancient times, many poets placed their emotions on the moon or stars in the sky. They seem to have a magical power, which can disperse a person’s unhappiness. Every night to see the stars, the body and mind will feel very happy. A careful little partner found that sometimes there is a flash of objects, like meteors, fleeting, there is no trace. Every time many alien enthusiasts see a UFO in the sky, they will identify it as an aircraft, which is related to aliens. Due to the limitation of human understanding, this kind of flying object is collectively referred to as UFO, also known as flying saucer.


The technology of this kind of aircraft is far higher than that of human science and technology. Many people will inevitably wonder, what power does this so-called aircraft rely on to fly? There have been many witnesses in history. Their descriptions of flying saucers are mostly general. In fact, flying saucers are nothing special. They are mainly special in the light they emit. From a physical point of view, any flying object needs to be driven by power. Obviously, the light emitted by the flying saucer is most likely generated by power. What power supports the unidentified objects in the sky? Maybe we misunderstood that it has no engine!


Who supports the power of flying saucer?


The so-called power may be the powerful antimatter, or the technology above nuclear fusion. Anyway, human beings have not found such black technology at present, so it is generally believed that a flying saucer must have an engine to drive it if it wants to fly quickly. So is that really the case? If we compare human civilization with alien civilization, it is obvious that human beings are not as good as aliens. We don’t know whether aliens are good or bad. Their science and technology are more perfect than human beings. They don’t play cards according to the routine.


After in-depth understanding, scientists found that the legendary flying saucer may not have an engine. Since it does not have an engine, what does it rely on to fly? The light of the flying saucer is mostly wrapped around the whole body. Human eyes can only push in a single direction, which can’t be done without an engine. The light is the driving force. It can glow all over the body, which means that the shell of the flying saucer has a powerful power source. It continuously burns and propels, directly releasing the energy of the shell atoms, which is very powerful. Scientists are very worried about whether the spacecraft will be burned directly in this way?


Is it possible that the flying saucer will be burned?


In fact, we worry too much about this. The energy it emits is equivalent to the index of nuclear fusion, which is why the alien civilization is more advanced than the human civilization. As long as the outer shell of the spaceship is still there, there is no need to worry about the fuel. It turns out that we have misunderstood the spaceship for so many years, mistaking it for having an engine. In fact, it relies on the power of its shell to fly, keep burning and maintain power.


At present, the most concerned topic is the search for aliens. So far, no trace of aliens has been found. Although many witnesses said they saw alien spaceships, there is no real evidence to prove the real existence of aliens. Some people speculate that maybe the aliens are sitting in the alien spaceship. How do you understand this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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