what! So the earth is not round?

As we all know, from the beginning of our memory, we have been told that we live on the earth, live on a sphere, and this sphere will revolve around the sun, and at the same time it will also rotate. This theory is deeply rooted in our consciousness. However, in recent years, some foreign folk mysterious organizations claim that the earth is actually flat, and they can also see elaborate videos on YouTube. (the coffin of the geography teacher is going to collapse!) There are also a large number of followers in flat earth theory. (geography teacher’s coffin lid is completely out of pressure!)


As shown in the picture above, this is the video capture made by these guys. They think that the earth should look like this, with the North Pole in the middle and the South Pole in the outer circle. But it’s not entirely true that the earth is flat. They think that the middle of the earth is low, and then when they go to the south pole, they go higher and higher, that is, the surface of the earth should be in a slope.

That’s what they think it would be like if a person were on the edge of the earth, just like climbing a hill. Some people can’t help asking them what to do when they get to the edge. Don’t worry, they have given such an answer!


The followers of flat earth have come up with the answer that when they come to the edge of the earth, they cross the border and become flat again. (they should have regarded the earth as a cake!)


See here is not can’t help but ask the sun and the moon how to explain, they will answer you like this.

The moon and the sun are hanging on a big cake, and they can still rotate in black and white! This will lead to the alternation of day and night.


Then ask them how gravity explains it? How did Newton’s apple fall. They will answer you that the earth is moving upward. If you ask them how to explain the earth photos taken by astronauts, they will find a lot of bugs to refute you. You can’t beat them anyway.


Later, flat earth made a rocket to fly into the sky to take a big pie picture of them. However, when the rocket went up to 117 kilometers, it stopped moving and fell down. What they said was that it hit the lid on the sky.

In fact, flat earth is an organized and disciplined organization. They boast that the earth is round and that it is the conspiracy of the world government, and they want to expose the conspiracy. They are a tight cabal of conspiracy theories. They automatically ignore all scientific theories, and they are the biggest anti NASA organization. When NASA announced the discovery of seven earth like planets, flat earth was the first to say that NASA came out again to cheat and defraud.


We may think that there are only a small number of people in flat earth. In fact, there are many believers in this folk conspiracy theory organization. I don’t want to comment on the theory that the earth is flat. It’s bullshit. I just want to say that human consciousness is so easily tampered with? It is because a seemingly unconventional theory turns its back on the theory that science should have. These people who make up nonsense are the biggest conspiracy theories, and those who fight for peace and are the least peaceful should be rejected.


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