What technologies are needed to achieve superluminal flight? Scientists have come up with three conjecture techniques

If you want to explore the world, explore the universe, what is the most important? Maybe many people will say a lot of theories and answers, but Xiaobian wants to tell friends that only speed is the king. As long as there is speed, it is possible to explore the world and the universe, otherwise everything will be a dream.

Human beings were born on the earth millions of years ago. The continuous development of human civilization is also a history of constant speed improvement. In ancient times, people’s travel basically depended on walking, and the faster means of transportation were also carriages, so the speed limited people’s exploration of the earth, and most people could not go far in their life, just within a hundred Li radius.

With the development of human beings, after entering the road of scientific and technological development, various means of transportation began to appear, such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, airplanes, etc. their speed is also constantly improving. With the advantage of speed, people can finally go further and appreciate the style of the world. The appearance of rocket makes the speed further. Human beings finally walk out of the earth, see the vast universe, and see the true face of the earth.


It can be seen that speed is the king. Without the advantage of speed, everything is in vain. After human beings go out of the earth, they want to explore the whole universe mainly by speed. Some people may say that astronomical telescopes can see far away, and can see tens of billions of light-years away. But in fact, astronomical telescopes have many limitations. They can see stars hundreds of light-years away. Can they see the specific conditions of that planet?

If you really want to know what’s going on all over the distant planet, you have to get close to it. We understand and recognize Mars by landing on Mars with a Mars probe. Telescopes can only determine where there is a planet, but they don’t know what it looks like on the planet. But after entering space, we found that the speed we are proud of on earth is nothing in the universe.

The distance of the vast universe is measured in light years, so the corresponding basic speed is also the speed of light. Even if the spaceship flies at the speed of light, the scope we can explore is very limited. If we want to explore the whole galaxy, we have to exceed the speed of light. However, Einstein’s theory of relativity has already told us that any object with a static mass can’t exceed the speed of light, and “the speed of light can’t be surpassed” has been deeply rooted in many people’s minds.

If the speed of light can’t be surpassed, isn’t it a dream for human to explore the universe forever? No matter how human beings develop and how many years of development, we will always be trapped in a small space. What is the significance of human science and technology development? In fact, the speed of light is not insurmountable. There is no lack of superluminal phenomena in the universe.


The universe was born in the 13.8 billion light-year singularity big bang. After the big bang, the universe began to expand rapidly, which was far faster than the speed of light. Until now, the expansion speed of the universe still exceeds the speed of light. The current observable range of mankind is 93 billion light years, which can prove that the expansion speed of the universe exceeds the speed of light. Of course, 93 billion light years is only the current observable range of mankind. No one knows how big the real universe is. It is believed that it is far beyond 93 billion light years.

In addition to the fact that the expansion speed of the universe is far faster than the speed of light, scientists have also found some phenomena in the process of observing the universe. These phenomena in the universe tell us that the speed of light is not insurmountable. So what kind of technical theories and methods are needed to surpass the speed of light? Through research and exploration, scientists have put forward three conjecture techniques that may surpass the speed of light.

First, “warp engine” technology, as we all know, Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that our universe is an elastic cosmic membrane, which can stretch and bend. That is to say, our universe is actually in a kind of dynamic space-time distortion, and the speed generated by this kind of space-time distortion may exceed the speed of light.


“Warp engine” is the use of this expansion and contraction characteristics of space, by manipulating the space-time structure before and after the spaceship, so that the spaceship can “fly faster than light” in the space-time structure. This situation is similar to the surfing on the earth. Surfers use their own technology to make the waves under their feet move quickly with the undulating force of the waves. This speed is very fast. In the whole process of surfing, the surfboard and the human body are in a relatively static state, and the waves are moving forward.

The spaceship of “warp engine” is in a relatively static state when it flies at superluminal speed. The space-time around it is moving at superluminal speed, driving the spaceship forward at superluminal speed. “Warp engine” flight has appeared in many sci-fi works, and it is also the main research technology of scientists at present.

The second is quantum entanglement technology. Quantum mechanics is one of the greatest achievements of modern science. In quantum mechanics, there is a phenomenon of quantum entanglement. In short, two entangled micro particles in the subatomic world are separated to two places far away from each other. If the state of one of the particles changes, the other particle can be induced instantaneously The speed of induction is instantaneous, several orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light. This strange phenomenon is called “quantum entanglement”, and Einstein called this phenomenon “ghostly over distance action”.

In quantum mechanics, the particle in the quantum entanglement realizes superluminal transmission by induction. Some scientists have proposed this method to detect the situation in black holes. As we all know, due to the particularity of black hole, light and electromagnetic waves can not escape, so we can not know the specific situation inside the black hole. However, the phenomenon of quantum entanglement is possible. As long as one particle enters the black hole and another particle is outside the black hole, it is possible to receive the situation around the particles in the black hole.


The superluminal phenomenon of quantum entanglement also opens another door for scientists to realize the superluminal flight. This kind of superluminal flight is different from the curvelet engine technology. It does not need to fly or twist the surrounding space-time. Instead, it directly makes the spacecraft disappear in a static state and then appear in another space-time. Isn’t it incredible? I hope it doesn’t happen This technology will come true.

The third is wormhole shuttle, which is also based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. According to Einstein’s cosmic membrane principle, as long as the mass or energy is strong enough, it is possible to pierce a hole in the cosmic membrane, which connects two distant cosmic spaces. Through it, we can reach the target quickly and fly faster than the speed of light.

Let’s take a simple example. For example, China and the United States are on both sides of the globe. Normally, if we want to go to the United States, we can only make a circular motion around the edge of the globe. Naturally, it will take a longer time. According to the shortest straight line between the two points, if we make a hole between China and the United States, that is to say, we will put the earth through a hole through which China and the United States are connected, the distance is also the shortest and the time required will be very short.


Of course, it is impossible for the earth to punch a hole at will, which will bring great disaster. Although it is only an example, it is theoretically feasible. The same principle applies to the universe. The universe is equivalent to a sphere membrane. Normally, we have to travel from one galaxy to another. They may be located on both sides of the universe, separated by millions of light years. Normally, we can only travel along the sphere membrane of the universe, and it takes hundreds of light years to reach it.

But if we pierce a hole in the cosmic membrane, connecting two spacetimes, this is a straight-line distance, millions of light years may be only a few thousand light years away, through this hole can reduce a lot of time, this hole is the so-called wormhole.

However, if we want to open a wormhole, we need a huge amount of energy, which we can’t do with our current technology. Only when we have stronger energy and stronger power in the future can we realize it. It can be seen that superluminal flight is not impossible. As long as human science and technology continue to develop, three conjecture technologies of superluminal flight can be realized one day. As long as any one of them is realized, we can explore a broader universe. At least the galaxy will not be able to stop the pace of human exploration.

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