What was it like before the big bang? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

Modern physics theory thinks that the universe is from the big bang of singularity. This singularity is a matter with infinite density and infinitesimal volume. It contains innumerable galaxies and innumerable celestial bodies. Everything in the universe is contained in it. After the big bang of singularity, the matter in the singularity is released, and then the universe begins to expand faster than the speed of light, and the universe will disappear It was born.

We know that the universe came from the big bang of singularity, but many people will ask, what was it like before the big bang? What is the space of singularity? With regard to this issue, let’s listen to the explanation of scientists, and I believe you will come to a sudden realization after listening to it.

Let’s listen to the famous physicist Mr. Hawking’s understanding of the situation before the big bang? Hawking thinks that there was nothing before the big bang. Some people think that time did not exist before the big bang, but Hawking thinks that time also existed before the big bang, but the state of time was different.


According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, space and time form an uneven space-time continuum, which is bent by matter and energy. Hawking believes that time will “bend” at this time. Hawking uses Euclidean algorithm to describe it. Before the big bang, “real time” (the ordinary time we experience) “was replaced by” imaginary time “(imaginary time)”. Real time can be imagined as a horizontal line, with the left representing the past and the right representing the future. But in fact, there is another line in the vertical direction, which is the virtual time. Virtual time is not in the range of time we usually experience, but in a sense, virtual time is as real as real time. To better understand the theory, Hawking explained, grab the universal remote control in your hand and click “replay.”.

What we see is that after the big bang, the universe continues to expand and bury. When you look at the universe from the opposite direction, it is shrinking. As long as you play back far enough, the whole universe will shrink to a matter smaller than an atom, which is the singularity. In this tiny, high-density heat and energy particle, the laws of physics and time as we know stop operating The time at this time is the empty time.

Therefore, in the eyes of scientists, every word was correct before the big bang, but it had no meaning to connect them together. Singularity is not a thing or a state, and it can even be said that singularity itself is a point that exists and does not exist. Since it doesn’t exist, what’s the meaning of it?

Time is by no means eternal, just a cosmological constant. If there are multiuniverses, some of them may have no time at all, or more than two kinds of time. The so-called “there is no time before the singularity, there is no space outside the singularity, and the singularity itself has no cause and effect”, is this truth.


In fact, it is the explanation given by many scientists before the big bang. These scientists believe that there was nothing, time and space before the big bang, and it was meaningless to study before the big bang.

Of course, some people do not agree with these views. They think that before the big bang, there may not be nothing. The origin of this singularity is very mysterious, and what kind of space is this singularity in? If there is no space outside the universe, how can the universe expand infinitely? We need to know that space is also needed for the expansion of the universe, which is the same as the expansion principle of a balloon on earth. If there is no space outside the balloon, it is impossible for the balloon to expand.

This part of the imagination space is larger. They think that the universe may not be formed naturally, but man-made, and it is made by advanced civilization in the universe. Modern scientific theory puts forward the concept of multiverse. If multiverse is real, there must be a huge space beyond the universe that we can’t imagine, and there are many things in this space The universe of numbers.


The ages of these universes are also different. Some of them may be the same as our universe, only 13.8 billion years old. Some universes may be very old, and have a history of several trillion years. Then the history of the advanced civilizations in these ancient universes may be much older than our universe, and they may have reached hundreds of billions of years or more. We can’t imagine such a civilization To what extent our civilization is powerful, they may have the ability to create the universe artificially.

It’s possible that our universe is such a high-level civilization in the ancient universe. With the strength of their civilization, they created a seed of singularity. This singularity, the high-level civilization may have adopted space technology that we can’t understand. This singularity is very small, but inside it is a universe, with countless celestial bodies and rules arranged.

Then the advanced civilization put the seed in the space where the multiverse coexisted, and by activating the singularity, the singularity would have a big bang, and then slowly expand, and a universe was born. Another possibility is that our universe may have been a member of the multiverse in the past, but later the universe was too old, and at the moment of death, advanced civilization compressed the universe into a singularity through technical means, and then the big bang, and the universe was reborn, which can be said to be the reincarnation of the universe.

Human beings know very little about the universe. Maybe they don’t even have the skin now. How did the universe come from and what it was like before the big bang? We are just guessing now. If we want to really uncover the mystery of the universe, only human civilization keeps working hard and developing forward. Maybe when we become the advanced civilization at the top of the pyramid of the universe, we can understand it The truth of the universe, it is possible that at that time, human beings have stood at the top of the universe, but when we understand the truth of the universe, we still feel our own insignificance.


Guys, what do you think it would be like before the big bang? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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