What was the earth like 400 million years ago? Fortunately, human beings are not there, otherwise it will be miserable!

The earth 400 million years ago, thanks to the disappearance of these prehistoric creatures, otherwise human beings would have died long ago!


Since mankind became the master of the earth, those fearsome beasts have basically disappeared. Although there are tigers, lions and other beasts, compared with those ancient creatures, it is not worth mentioning. In the Mesozoic era, Tyrannosaurus Rex and megatoothed shark were the best in the biosphere. Due to the change of environment, they withdrew from the stage of history and had the most glorious moment of human beings. If they still live on the earth, it is conceivable that there will be no chance for human beings. Some people have imagined what it would be like for human beings to live in that environment?


What was the earth like 400 million years ago?


It’s absolutely no different from nightmares. Some people even say that if you have the ability to travel, you should never go back to the Paleozoic era. It’s just like purgatory on earth. Was the earth so miserable at that time? As early as 400 million years ago, the environment on earth was extremely harsh. Not only the oxygen content was low, but the carbon dioxide concentration was also very high, which led to the aggravation of the greenhouse effect. The temperature was extremely high and the drought was perennial. If we went through that era, we might be killed by the sun. The earth 400 million years ago, thanks to the disappearance of these prehistoric creatures, otherwise human beings would have died long ago!


The fact is much more than that. When you enter the ocean, you realize that there is a greater danger behind it. At that time, the size of marine organisms was huge. In their eyes, human beings were like a plate of Chinese food. They could eat it without any effort. Take tachypleus amebocyte lysate, for example. Some scientists found its fossils. At that time, the level of science and technology was limited, and they did not have a deep understanding of it. Until later, they restored its prototype through the corresponding scientific equipment, they knew its true identity.


It looks like a scorpion in shape, with a wide forehead, a pair of compound eyes in front, and an obvious distinction between body and tail. When it swims, it’s very easy to walk on the bottom of the sea. It belongs to the Largest Arthropod in the ocean, and can be called the overlord in the ocean. It has the best swimming ability. When it targets its prey, it can immediately tear it up and catch it at one stroke. Human beings appeared in that era, it is estimated that it is difficult to escape its sanctions.


The real cause of prehistoric extinction


Later, I don’t know why, this kind of arthropod gradually went out. It’s undeniable that it witnessed the rise of vertebrates. The human understanding of it is relatively limited. No one knows the evolution of prehistoric organisms on the earth. It may be related to climate change, or it may encounter natural enemies. Everyone is full of curiosity about these disappearing histories. It’s like video tapes, which evokes people’s memories. Human beings are very lucky. They have survived many times and stand at the top of the food chain. Compared with those prehistoric creatures, human beings have almost no advantage.


It is because of the particularity of human beings that we have today. Fortunately, these creatures have been extinct for a long time. Otherwise, the earth could not be the world of human beings. Now, if we go back to that time, there would have been nothing wrong with human beings. Human beings should be glad to live in the best times and have all these things as if they were given by heaven. What do you think of that? You can leave a message for interaction.

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