What was the earth like 400 million years ago? The mysterious disc in the Mayan ruins, or explain everything!

What was the earth like 400 million years ago? The mysterious disc in the Mayan ruins, or explain everything!


Before human civilization, many prehistoric civilizations were born on the earth. For many reasons, they disappeared in the long river of history. Among them, the Maya civilization is the most impressive. From glory to decline, it let us really see the strength of a civilization. So far, the disappearance of Maya civilization is still an unsolved mystery. In the past, the Mayans left behind advanced writing technology, pyramids and other cultural relics, which reflected from the side that they were more advanced than human civilization. These advanced capabilities even make people wonder whether they will be aliens?


As early as the end of the last century, when experts were investigating, they accidentally found the Mayan city site. There is a very mysterious thing in this site, which looks like a disc. The most unexpected thing is that the disc actually depicts the earth as it used to be. If there is no accident, it should be the earth 400 million years ago, which arouses people’s curiosity. What is the face of the earth 400 million years ago? What was the earth like 400 million years ago? The mysterious disc in the Mayan ruins, or explain everything!


What was the earth like 400 million years ago?


At the beginning, the earth was desolate, without any vitality, and the environment was bad, so it was difficult for any species to survive. With the passage of time, the earth’s environment improved, and more and more new species appeared, which added a trace of vitality to the earth. This disc was found with exquisite patterns, revealing a sense of mystery, just like professional artificial depiction. At the beginning, scientists didn’t think much about it. They just thought that the disc had no great function except sacrifice. After careful exploration, they found that it was much more complicated than we thought.


According to the analysis of astronomers, the pattern on this disc may be used by the Mayan civilization to record time. The Mayans have a precise calendar. The earth’s rotation cycle is 365 days a year. It’s related to the Mayans. A small disk actually records the position of the sun and the moon. Long ago, the Mayan civilization focused on outer space. At that time, they were not supported by high technology, and the technology was limited. It was no longer possible for them to create such advanced cultural relics When it’s rare.


What’s the secret of this disc?


If human beings can solve the secrets in this disk, or reveal the mysteries of Maya civilization, there will be a major breakthrough in the process of studying the universe. There are different opinions about the disappearance of Maya civilization in the industry. Some people think that it is just a branch of prehistoric civilization. When it reached its peak, it also caused a lot of disasters, resulting in his disappearance. Comparing the Maya civilization with the human civilization, the Maya civilization can easily break through something, but the human has to pay hundreds of times of efforts. It is like having super power.


Some people have put forward a bold assumption that the emergence of human beings may have something to do with the Maya civilization, and human beings on the earth do not appear out of thin air. Had it not been for an accident, the Mayan civilization would not have disappeared, and human beings would have been at the top of the food chain. Although human civilization has been making progress, it is still a long way from the peak of the Mayan civilization. What do you know about Maya civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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